Rudra: Boom Chik Chik Boom Cartoon Characters Name List

Rudra: Boom Chick Chick Boom, or just Rudra, is an Indian animated television show that runs on Nickelodeon and is made by Green Gold Animation. On June 11, 2018, Nickelodeon debuted it. The nine-year-old youngster at the show’s center is discovering how to use his true abilities. Eight Indian languages were released concurrently with the show: Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. Directors Rishi Chadha, Akshay Sanjeev Chavan, and Sumit Das are responsible for the animation.

Rudra Boom Chik Chik Boom Cartoon


The narrative centers on Rudra, a 9-year-old magician who lives with his grandfather Jai Singh Chauhan in the enchanted Sun City. Sun City and Kaal City are two made-up magical cities that serve as the basis for the television show. The plot of the show centres on Rudra, his best friends Varun and Maira, and their daily magic lessons from Rudra’s grandfather. They then use their newfound power to combat Shakaal, the evil magician, and his goons, who constantly cause problems in the town to prevent Rudra from realizing his full potential. Sun City’s hero is Rudra.

Main Cartoon Characters list

1. Rudra Singh Chauhan: Rudra, a nine-year-old boy with a good heart and intelligence, is finally recognized as the valiant protector of Sun City and is considered the rightful heir to the kingdom and powers of Jai Singh. He is incredibly diligent and constantly seeks to absorb the knowledge his granddad must impart. Rudra is an ideal grandchild to his grandfather and a great friend.

2. Jai Singh Chauhan: Rudra’s devoted grandfather and the patriarch of Sun City. In addition to wanting to raise his grandson to be a decent person, he also hopes to establish himself as Sun City’s heir and guardian. Rudra is his most deserving successor; hence, he is eager to pass on his ancient magical knowledge to his grandson. The village adores him and calls him “dadaji,” the town’s defender.

3. Shakaal (villain): As the ruler of Kaal City, Shakaal has long desired to seize Sun City. He serves as one of Rudra’s and Jai Singh Chauhan’s adversaries. He is not liked by any of the residents of Kaal City. However, he turns to Rudra for assistance anytime he is in danger.

4. Varun: Varun is one of Rudra’s closest pals. He and Rudra are of the same age. He is a devoted friend who has his back no matter what. Maira frequently directs her misdirected power against him.

5. Maira: Rudra’s closest female friend, Maira, harbours a deep romantic interest in her. Maira is a courageous, powerful, and driven young woman who gives her life to protect her companions, especially Rudra. Her magic usually goes awry and gets Rudra and Varun into problems, even though she is fearless and always willing to help. Despite this, she is still motivated to support her pals.

6. Rangeela: Jai Singh’s obedient goon and domestic assistant is named Rangeela. He is a modestly skilled magician full of optimism. Although he wants to study magic with Jai Singh, the latter thinks he needs to be stronger and more ready. He tries secretly to mimic the magician and pick up his tricks to learn, but the spells usually backfire.

Recurring Characters

  • Zoga: Shakaal’s right-hand man, a comic with a hunched back.
  • Ching Li: The Sun City palace’s chef is Ching Li.
  • Sapola: Although Sapola is Shakaal’s snake, it continues to appear as Shakaal’s wooden staff. When necessary, he can soar, completing every task Shakaal assigns him. He is a spy for Shakaal.
  • Shakleena: Shakleena is Shakaal’s sister.
  • Joddy: He is Shakleena’s son.
  • Jenny: She is Shakleena’s daughter.
  • Zum and Zim: Rudra’s pet squirrels are named Zum and Zim. They can communicate and manipulate organic vegetation.
  • Alazar Sir: Alazar Sir is the magician librarian of the Magical Books Library. He is a very knowledgeable man who tells Rudra about books with magical properties.

Nickelodeon will host the magic and comedy series’ launch. The television series Rudra will fill this significant need by providing children with a character to immerse them in a brand-new magical universe.

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