“Bhaagam Bhaag” Cartoon Characters Name List

Disney Channel aired Sanjiv Waeerkar’s children’s cartoon series Bhaagam Bhaag, which translates to “Running Around” in English. A subsequent version of it was accessible on Disney+ Hotstar. Children are becoming increasingly familiar with Bhaagam Bhaag due to its humorous characters and excellent story writing. Disney Channel hosts the wholly independent television series Bhaagam Bhaag. This cartoon show is a multi-layered story with funny tales and superb animation. A crossover will be with Oye Golu, another Disney Channel India series.

Bhaagam Bhaag


This series consists of a single season with fifty-two episodes. There is not a specific plot. Every episode has a plot and is a stand-alone episode. The core plot revolves around Sunny, the main character. Despite his best efforts, Sunny is always in danger of being late for school. On his way to catch the bus, he passes several strange sights. Some of these could assist him in getting to his destination on time. Fortunately, Sunny’s capacity for conjuring up bizarre theories about these weird occurrences enables him to be on time for school.

Main Character List

Introducing new characters in line with the show’s concept enhances the plot and adventure of the program.

1. Sunny:

Sunny, the show’s protagonist, consistently overcomes challenges in her day-to-day existence. Despite his best efforts, Sunny’s tardiness to school is a constant concern. On his way to catch the bus, he passes by several strange sights, some of which could assist him in getting to his destination in time. Despite his best attempts, Sunny sometimes arrives late for school and acts improperly in front of everyone. As a result, despite Sunny’s best intentions, things go differently than planned. Every episode encourages viewers to keep going instead of giving up in adversity.

2. Rinky:

Rinky, Sunny’s classmate, is wearing spectacles. In the episode Blind Without’ Em, Rinky—one of Sunny’s classmates—wears glasses. She lost her spectacles. Hence, the main point of contention in the “Bhag Rinky Bhag” episode is her inability to see clearly without them.

Some catchphrases of the show that became popular with the kids:

Some key facts of the show:

  • The chorus of the theme song has many repetitions of the series title. It goes “Bhaagam, bhaagam, bhaagam, bhaaaaaag!”
  • Sunny’s catchphrase, “It’s tigdam time!” is what he says whenever one of his ridiculous ideas strikes him.
  • The Simple Samosa character, represented there through various animation aspects, is featured on Sunny’s backpack.

The title “Bhagam Bhaag” comes from the fact that Sunny, the main character, constantly misses his school bus while attempting to help others. Ultimately, he runs behind the bus or loses it, arriving at school late. Your child will benefit greatly from this animated series, which also teaches moral values and is funny. It is advantageous since your youngster will pick up new skills and learn how to overcome obstacles in life. Overall, this show provided the kids with engaging ideas, enjoyable animation, and exciting adventures throughout each episode.

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