Fukrey Boyzzz Cartoon Characters Name List

“Fukrey Boyzzz,” is based on the popular Bollywood franchises “Fukrey” and “Fukrey Returns.” With the release of this entertaining animated series in six languages – English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, kids are excited. Discovery Kids, a sister Cartoon Network and POGO brand increased the stakes even higher with this show. Kids also adore the comic serial Fukrey Boyzzz. Most children adore this popular serial series. The younger audience finds this serial to be quite humorous. As with Bollywood movies, this cartoon series has garnered a good audience.

Fukrey Boyzzz


Three pals named Hunny, Lali, and Choocha desire to become wealthy. As a result, they encounter Bholi, the wrong person. Choocha, Hunny, and Laali follow their fanciful and occasionally hazardous dreams, but the cunning Bholi Punjaban always tries to ruin their schemes. There is joy and affection throughout the entire series. Most of the younger ones prefer the serial. It is very enjoyable.

Main Characters

1. Choocha

In this series, he plays the lead role. He is the main character in this production. Hunny and Lali assist him in every way. It’s a pleasure to spend time with these two boys. Choocha is a hilarious person who always does funny things. He is a major troublemaker at school. Because of this, his friends and professors are tired of him. The things that Choocha does annoy them.

2. Hunny

One of Choocha’s closest friends is Hunny. He consistently supports Choocha in all his heinous acts. He is the one who, despite being highly mischievous, always pretends to be innocent. He has a unique and endearing appearance. The boys’ dream is to become well-off.

For this reason, they make every effort to achieve all their goals. It is the most hilarious part of their story when they get to school and begin to act up amongst their teachers and peers. The teachers are getting tired of them. Watching Hunny’s deeds in this series will be enjoyable.

3. Lali

Lali is another significant character in this serial. He is another associate of the criminal underworld in this drama. He’s usually found with Choocha and Hunny. You regularly witness these people employing laborers to finish their jobs. But their attempts are fruitless, and they make a mess. The best part about the series is their unique and enduring friendship. They never separate from one another, no matter what. This makes their friendship even more beautiful and strong. When times are tough, they always stick together. These three guys genuinely love and care for one another.

4. Bholi Punjaban

The tough and sassy local gangster who often gets involved in the boys’ schemes.

With the announcement, engaging videos, and cutting-edge programming, Discovery Kids fully engross viewers in the “Fukrey” universe. From the characters’ appearances to their characteristic line delivery skills, the creators have managed to retain the tone and feel of Fukrey while traveling back in time. Fukrey Boyzzz is suitable for its younger target audience and fans of the well-liked comedy series. It never fails to make you chuckle. Fukrey Boyzzz promises to provide a few good giggles for kids and adults if you are looking for some laughs and fun.

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