Titoo Cartoon Characters Name List

Titoo, a new program on Pogo, is a good place to start if you are searching for something to keep your kids entertained. The Pogo game Titoo-har sawaal ka jawaab hai is about to begin. Cosmos Maya makes this program. July 27 is already the commencement date. For the youngsters, it might be the greatest one. They will take great pleasure in it. The setting of the serial is in India. The excellent animation will capture your attention. It will be a hit with grownups as well. Titoo has already owned numerous youthful hearts.

Titoo Cartoon


Titoo is an eight-year-old child’s narrative. He claims that “Titoo-The-Great” can do anything, yet he never accomplishes anything. Rather, he thinks that other people should do the task. But Tito is not incompetent or lazy; he finds his work monotonous and enjoys meddling on other people’s projects. If the assistance needed does not take the shape of homework, he likes people and wants to help them.

Titoo’s parents, like most parents, wanted their son to pursue a career in science, medicine, or engineering. However, Titoo has stated unequivocally that he would grow into someone no one could have predicted. His parents are still perplexed and attempting to determine what it might be. Titoo has said that he will devote his time to doing anything he wants while his parents try to determine exactly what he can do. He has promised his parents that he will follow their wishes for his future.

Titoo Cartoon Characters Names

You will now become acquainted with the main characters connected to this series. Learning more about them will be fantastic.

  • Titoo – He is a boy, eight years old. Despite his assertions that he can do anything, he does nothing. No, he is not a worthless boy. He thinks all his work is awful and dull. His favorite activity is to meddle with other people’s work. Being a helpful boy, he always strives to assist others until it is time for him to do his schoolwork.
  • Golu – He is the protective man, golu. He is prepared to call for an ambulance if Titoo sneezes since he constantly worries about him. Additionally, he is ready to accept Titoo’s penalty from the school. He is both attractive and strong in one person.
  • Shlowk – He is the one who consistently and slowly completes tasks. It takes a while because he completes tasks slowly. He will take so long to recite a poem when asked to do so by the teacher that the teacher will discipline him. The teacher wishes for everyone to sit down when he enters the room.
  • Sahaj – He is an extremely dramatic man. A cockroach will create a commotion if it is observed to be moving. He will try to provide the finest explanation if the teacher reprimands him.
  • Titoo’s Mother – She yells at Titoo for his work every time. If he thinks his mother is going to hit him, he shifts the conversation to the other person. In the end, his mother moves on from the incident and resumes her career. Titoo has a lovely relationship with his mother.
  • Titoos father – Because Titoo is aware of his father’s secret, his father tries his hardest to please and shows him a lot of love. Titoo employs this tactic to force his father to complete a lot of work.
  • Secretary – Shera’s father works as a secretary in Titoo’s neighborhood. He is a decent man who thinks he is the only one in the world who can accomplish anything. He takes this idea quite seriously.
  • Nartaki – She is another character in the serial who walks with a steady rhythm. She has a dancing gait and is an expert at striking up conversations with her teacher.

In addition, there are other equally significant characters in this serial. It is an entertaining show for younger audiences.

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