Bunty Billa aur Babban Cartoon Characters Name List

Discovery Kids’ new animated series Bunty Billa Aur Babban, produced by Toonz Media Group, caused a riot of hilarity. With this new slap-stick comedy series that will have kids saying “ROFL,” Discovery Kids continues to push the boundaries of the kid’s category and Indian animation after the groundbreaking success of “Little Singham” and “Fukrey Boyzzz.” It was first broadcast as Bunty Aur Billy on Hungama TV from May 18, 2015, to sometime in 2016. Since April 18, 2022, it has been broadcast on Discovery Kids under Bunty Billa Aur Babban.

Bunty Billa aur Babban Cartoon


The three mischievous characters Bunty, Billa, and Babban—often referred to as “Badmashi ke Baap” (father of mischief)—are the focus of the new television series. Though the three characters have an endearing appearance, they are hilarious misfits embarking on a humorous journey to entertain the kids.

Billy & Birdy, Bunty Aur Billy, Bunty Billa Aur Babban (for the Discovery Kids version), or Cat & Keet (for the English-language edition) are some other names for Bunty Aur Billy. is a humorous animated television series from India made by Toonz Media Group. Three buddies named Bunty, Billa, and Babban are known for their mischievous antics and tendency to get into trouble with one another, which leads to a variety of experiences for the group.

About the Characters

The “Bollywood inspired tadka” narration makes all this animated mayhem even more entertaining.

The program centres on the diametrically opposed couple that share a home:

  • Bunty (The Parrot): Bunty’s easy-going, witty, and clever demeanour makes Billa and Bunty jealous of each other. Bunty wreaks havoc around the house, spreading doubt and chaos. Most of the time, Bunty and Billa attempt to outwit each other.
  • Billa/Billy (The Cat): Billa, the orange cat. Billy and Bunty share the same house. Despite Bunty’s desire to lead a quiet life, Billa finds his persistent bothersome. Billy is portrayed as cunning, manipulative, and devious.
  • Babban the donkey: Babban is a blue donkey who joins the two, escalating the humorous exchanges and circumstances while adding to the pandemonium.

Other Characters

  • Rosie: Babban’s love interest
  • Koki and Koka
  • A hen
  • A rooster

More about the show

The show is full of entertainment. Laughter is both the best medicine and the best kind of entertainment. Our goal is to constantly improve the products we offer and develop franchises based on characters that delight and engage fans while also contributing to the growth of our customer base.

The slap-stick comedy Bunty Billa aur Babban is a fun addition among the existing differentiated IPs, which include the best slice-of-life school comedy, Fuckery Boyzzz, and the chic and action-packed superhero in town, Little Singham. This will cement Discovery Kids’ position as the most favored brand in the kids’ category.

Bunty Billa aur Babban’s hilarious jokes, exaggerated facial expressions, and never-ending entertainment guarantee a happy viewing experience for the whole family—not just the youngsters. As this is Toonz’s first partnership with Discovery Kids, we are thrilled to establish this relationship with Bunty Billa aur Babban. This show could potentially become a highly popular intellectual property for children.

The show has many lovely moments to engage and enthrall the young audience, bringing back the pure beauty of fun and hearty humor. Join the newest trio in town, exclusively on Discovery Kids, on this exhilarating, nonstop entertainment ride.

Come along on adventurous travels full of humor, camaraderie, and life lessons with three endearing characters: Bunty, Billa, and Babban. Prepare yourself for an enjoyable fusion of humour, touching scenes, and treasured memories in this engrossing animated series suitable for viewers of all ages. Join the entertaining world of Bunty Billa and Babban!””

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