Paap-O-Meter Cartoon Characters Name List

The Indian television channel Sony YAY! hosts the horror comic cartoon series Paap-O-Meter (Meter-Of-Sins). Major DTH and digital cable platforms offer the show in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, and Malayalam. The escapades of Bhoot Boss and his gofers Pakela and Thakela, who seek out transgressors and impart life lessons to them, are central to the narrative.



Living in the ghost world high above the ground, they watch over the planet ground together to make sure the sinners are always in check. By pushing its button, they can observe what the person has done. The Meter of Sins, known as the Paap o meter, notifies them when humans sinned. Bhoot Boss has numerous assistants, including Hatela, who periodically appear in the show in addition to the primary aides.

Main Cartoon Characters Name List

1. Principal Bhoot Boss: Bhoot Boss is the virtuous, well-behaved head of the three. He oversees the Paap-O-Meter and is primarily in charge of regulating the amount of sin on Earth. He is Thakela and Pakela’s guru and always steps in to save them when they mess up on their quest to lessen the number of sins in the world.

2. Thakela: Pakela’s friend and sluggish junior ghost Thakela works for Bhoot Boss. He’s a cute little ghost guy who enjoys eating and sleeping. If allowed the chance, he will sleep for days on end. Due to his sleeping patterns, he’s become so indolent that he lashes out whenever he’s called into work. Several episodes showcase his passion for food.

3. Pakela: Thakela’s companion and a junior ghost for Bhoot Boss, Pakela is equally sluggish but clever. While Pakela does not have tantrums like Thakela, he experiences irritation when required to work, just like his associate. He consistently attempts to defeat Thakela, but he often fails terribly. He is a bigger joker than Thakela.

4. The Sinners: The sinners are the persons who committed sins. Later, after learning from Bhoot Boss what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future, they turn into decent people. While some sinners were jailed by the spirits or themselves, others were spared. In the show’s fourth season, they were even punished by altering their forms (some had their forms returned to normal, while others did not).

Recurring Characters

1. Hatela: He is a more animated ghost, thirteen years old, and he always plays practical jokes on Thakela and Pakela in any episode he shows up in. Bhoot Boss finds him endearing because of his good sense of humor.

2. Inspector Lobo: Inspector Lobo is a 33-year-old police officer who turns out to be incredibly strong and fearless despite his claims to be incredibly weak and cowardly. Since he frequently does not catch many criminals, Bhoot Boss sends many of them to his police station.

3. Changu and Mangu: These are former sinners turned police officers who prevented children from passing exams. They demonstrate their intelligence by cooperating with Inspector Lobo.

4. The Paap-O-Meter: The Paap-O-Meter is a four-headed device that alerts Bhoot Boss and his goons when a big transgression is being committed. As demonstrated in the show’s first few episodes, it may also be used as a place to live. You can view what the offending sinner has done by pressing a button.

Sony YAY! has decided to increase the level of this animation IP due to the horror comedy’s positive reception from younger audiences.  Even though Paap-O-Meter had a smaller grid than the other programs, it always had a devoted fan base because of its one-of-a-kind subject in the kid’s genre. This program presents ghosts in a very light-hearted manner. Our goal was to change children’s perceptions so they would realize that ghosts are not always scary and can be nice!

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