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Chhota Bheem is the most favourite cartoon character among kids in India. The Hyderabad-based Green Gold Animations created the Indian animated comedy adventure television series Chhota Bheem, which translates to “Little Bheem.” Versions of this show are accessible in Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. Bheem is a courageous, powerful, and wise little child. He frequently finds solutions to everyone’s issues, winning the affection of the Dholakpur residents.

Chhota Bheem


The show takes place in a village within Dholakpur’s empire. In the village, Bheem is a beloved character renowned for his kindness and lending a hand. His closest pals are the intelligent girl Chutki, the fearless little child Raju, who wears his underwear, and Jaggu, the talking monkey.

Main Characters

  • Chhota Bheem: The primary character and protagonist of the show is Chhota Bheem. He is a young lad of nine years old. Bheem is a brave, gregarious, and morally grounded young guy with superhuman power. His favorite meal, laddus, can be consumed to increase this strength. Bheem is seen with a gold pendant and an orange dhoti on her naked chest. His hair is brown.
  • Chutki: Chutki is a 7-year-old girl who is the daughter of the sweet manufacturer Tuntun Mausi. She frequently aids Bheem in smuggling laddus out of her mother’s store and is the team’s intellectual leader.
  • Raju: At four years old, Raju is a bold and naughty child. He is bald and has just two hair strands on his head. Raju exclusively wears blue underpants.
  • Jaggu: Jaggu is a blue-tongued primate. He has a unique approach to problem-solving that combines cunning with humour. Jaggu teaches Bheem practical skills like swinging from trees. Additionally, he can speak with other animals.
  • Kalia: Kalia is a jealous bully. At ten years old, he is shown as a driven young man who Bheem consistently surpasses. Dholu and Bholu, his two fearsome lackeys, are twin brothers who alternate between swiftly deserting him and occasionally lending a hand with his schemes.
  • Dholu and Bholu: Kalia’s followers, Dholu and Bholu, are identical twins. They take pleasure in Kalia’s strength even if they lack it themselves. Their attire sets them apart; each twin sports an identical outfit of brown and olive-green turban, opposite-coloured T-shirt, and pants.

Recurring Characters

  • Rajkumari Indumati: As the older sister of Ravi Varma and the daughter of Indraverma, Indumati is the Princess of Dholakpur. She is a seven-year-old girl with kindness. In addition, Bheem, Raju, Chutki, Kalia, Jaggu, Dholu, and Bholu are her friends.
  • Raja Indraverma: He is the father of Ravi Varma and Indumati. He’s also the king of Dholakpur. He resides in a palace with a view of Dholakpur perched atop a hill. He has complete faith in Bheem and largely depends on him for any issue in the kingdom.
  • Kichak: Kichak is a sixteen-year-old Pehelwanpur-born wrestler. Like Kalia, Kichak is envious of Bheem because he often dares him to play different games to show off his might, but he always loses.
  • Chhota Manu: Another character from Pehelwanpur is Chhota Manu. He is intelligent and physically fit. He is Raju’s opponent, whom he has never been able to overcome. He is also Kichak’s friend and sidekick.
  • Tuntun Mausi: Chutki’s mother is Tuntun Mausi, also known as Tuntun aunt. She runs a sweet shop where she sells her renowned homemade laddoos.

Chota Bheem is quite an interesting TV series for kids. Continue to Watch the blend of comedy and adventure.

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