Ting Tong Cartoon Characters Name List

The 2020 Nickelodeon India animated TV show Ting Tong is helmed by Shubra Chakraborty and Vijay Raibole. It is a spin-off based on Ting Tong, a character from the Nickelodeon original series Gattu Battu. Distributed by Viacom 18, the series is produced by Fable Spinners Studio. It made its debut on September 28, 2020.

Ting Tong Cartoon


The show is a spin-off centered around Ting Tong, a popular character from Gattu Battu. The plot centers on the everyday exploits of a charming and entertaining man named Ting Tong, who suffers from a transient memory loss condition and changes into any character he sees in front of him. This causes him to become the town’s unintentional hero, which is hilariously endearing to the bad guys.

Ting Tong Cartoon Main Characters

1. Ting Tong: He is a straightforward, naive, and sensible character. Not only does his long hair constantly fall over his eyes, impairing his vision, but it also makes it difficult for him to see where he is going. As a result, he frequently runs into walls, tumbles off steps, slips on banana peels, and other mishaps. Every time something strikes his head, he momentarily loses his memories. Apart from losing his memories, he also completely transforms into whatever figure presented to him at that moment, taking on all of their traits, whether those of a person or a monster. Only a second blow to the head will restore his memory.

2. Single Dose: In Ting Tong’s town, he is one of the two hooligan siblings. They are always getting into trouble. The notorious Single Dose is the super psyche of the two. Single Dose’s time is spent organizing and preparing crimes or robberies. He is just three feet tall and skinny. Being the more outspoken of the two, he leads by example.

3. Double Dose: He is taller and more muscular than his sibling Single Dose. But Double Dose lacks the intelligence and vitality he makes up for in height and physique. He is a really stupid and slothful character who rarely speaks, and when he does, he speaks slowly. He is usually observed doing as his brother Single Dose commands and carrying out his schemes, only to make mistakes.

4. Meeru: Ting Tong’s companion and pet is named Meeru. Ting Tong can count on Meeru’s loyalty, and their relationship will never falter. When Ting Tong loses his memory, Meeru tends to him. He tries a reasonable amount to retrieve his memories to prevent mishaps, but he comically fails. He is accented from Hyderabad. When he finds himself in a tight spot, he usually addresses himself as Nanhi si Jaan, which means “Little sweetheart.”

5. Khoonkhar Singh: With Hoshiyaar Singh serving as his sergeant, he oversees the town’s police department. He constantly arrives late to the scene while attempting to apprehend the Dose brothers (goons). He has Shatrughan Sinha’s accent.

6. Hoshiyaar Singh: Hoshiyaar Singh is the town’s sergeant (police). He is devoted to Khoonkhar Singh, the inspector, and silly.

7. Wring Wrong: He is the crazy scientist who is pals with the Dose brothers and is conceited and overconfident in his intelligence. He’s capable of coming up with things. On the other hand, Ting Tong’s ability to transform into anything greatly interests him. Wring Wrong wants to use Ting Tong as his research subject since he feels he is hurting his ego.

This show is a spin-off centered around Ting Tong, a popular Nickelodeon series character (2017) from Gattu Battu. The show centers on the everyday exploits of a charming and endearing man named Ting Tong, who suffers from a brief memory loss problem and changes into any figure he sees in front of him. This makes him an unintentional town hero who jokes out of bad villains.

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