Bahubali: The Lost Legends Cartoon Characters Name List

Bahubali: The Lost Legends is an Indian television animated series that is part of the Bahubali franchise. This series aired on Amazon Prime Video and had a run of 5 seasons covering 71 episodes. The Lost Legends is based on the incidents in Bahubali: The Beginning and Bahubali: The Conclusion. Let’s have a look at the characters appearing in this series.

1. Amarendra Bahubali

Amarendra Bahubali

Amarendra Bahubali is the son of Maharaja Vikramdeva and the prince of the Mahismati kingdom. His mother died while giving birth to him. His aunt and foster mother, Rajamata Sivagami, gave him the name Bahubali. Amarendra Bahubali is a highly skilled warrior specializing in shooting three arrows with a single string, battleaxe fighting, and sword fighting. Apart from being an excellent warrior, he also cares for his subjects. Amarendra Bahubali is married to Devasena and renounces the throne for her. As a result of a conspiracy, both are banished from the kingdom. Amarendra Bahubali is later killed treacherously by Kattappa. The fate of his body is not revealed.

2. Bhallaldeva

Bhallaldeva is the son of Rajmata Sivagami Devi and Bijjaladeva and also the cousin and adoptive brother of Amarendra Bahubali. He is equally matched to Amarendra Bahubali in terms of warrior skills; however, unlike Amarendra, he is not empathetic towards his subjects and is highly jealous of his adoptive brother’s popularity. Bhallaldeva tricks his mother into hating Bahubali. He becomes the king of Mahismati after Bahubali renounces the throne. Bhallaldeva orders the execution of Bahubali and rules the kingdom with an iron hand for 25 years. Eventually, his nephew Mahendra ends his rule. Bhallaldeva is thrown into a funeral pyre and burnt to death.

3. Sivagami

Sivagami is the mother of Bhallaldeva, the wife of Bijjaladeva, and the foster mother of Amarendra Bahubali. After the death of King Vikramdeva, she ruled the kingdom of Mahismati without occupying the throne. Sivagami initially declared Bahubali the successor to the throne but later turned against him due to the machinations of her son Bhallaldeva.

4. Kattappa

Kattappa is the commander of the Mahismati kingdom’s army and is an exceptional warrior. He is always ready to help the Mahismati kingdom subjects and the royal family whenever trouble arises. Kattappa takes part in the conspiracy against Bahubali and treacherously kills him.

5. Bijjaladeva

Bijjaladeva is the husband of Sivagami Devi and the father of Bhallaldeva. He is a greedy and ambitious man who wants his son Bhallaldeva to usurp the throne of Mahismati, and has nothing but hatred for Bahubali.

6. Pradhan Guru

Pradhan Guru is the royal teacher of the Mahismati kingdom and a skilled warrior. He trains both Bahubali and Bhallaldeva in combat and leadership. However, he turns into a traitor and tries to destroy the Mahismati kingdom, but Sivagami, Bahubali, and Bhallaldeva stop him. Kattappa eventually executes him. 

7. Varaah

Varaah is the king of the Rudragni kingdom. He ascended the throne after his father was killed by his sister Yamagni. He allies with the Mahismati kingdom but attempts to capture it. However, he fails and is killed by his sister Yamagni.

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