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Based on the legendary Bengali comedian Gopal Bhar, Gopal Bhar is the subject of the animated comic television series in the Indian language. The television series began airing on the Sony Aath channel in 2015. Following airing, each episode is available digitally on SonyLIV. The legends of Gopal Bhar, which are still told in different districts of Bengal, are told in this cartoon. This entertaining and instructive cartoon series teaches Children about his actions and the societal lessons they conceal.

Gopal Bhar Cartoon


A fabled court jester from medieval Bengal was called Gopal Bhar. He was in the court of the renowned 18th-century AD nadiadhar Raja Krishnachandra. Because of his extraordinary brilliance, the king regarded Gopal as a navaratna in his court. His statue is still on display in Raja Krishnanachandra’s palace. Even now, tales of his adventures are told in Bengali, where they are preserved in innumerable short stories. The tales are brief, lovely, funny, and have a clear social message. Gopal bhar is well-known for his stories of wisdom, wherein he deceives other courtiers.

Main Characters

1. Gopal Bhar

Gopal Bhar, also known as Gopal Bhand, was a court jester in medieval Bengal. He was a guest in the court of the eighteenth-century Nadia monarch, Raja Krishnachandra (1710–1783). Gopal liked to make people laugh and make fun of them. Gopal Bhar was and is renowned for having wit, humor, and extraordinary wisdom that were unsurpassed by the other courtiers. The king regarded Gopal as a Navaratna in his court. His statue is still visible in Ghurni, the Krishnagar town, and at Krishnachandra’s castle. Gopal was thought to have been quite intelligent.

2. Raja Krishnachandra Roy

Raja Krishnachandra Roy, also known as Raja Krishnachandra Ray, was a zamindar and raja of Nadia from 1728 to 1782. He was born Krishnachandra Ray around 1710–1783. He was a follower of the Shakta Hindu faith and the Nadia Raj family. Along with his opposition to Mughal authority, he is recognized for having expanded and supported art within his kingdom.

3. Wife of Raja Krishnachandra Roy

She is the Queen Consort of Krishnanagar, who appears in the court and in several episodes of Gopal Bhar.

Other Characters within the show are:

  • Wife of Gopal Bhar
  • Minister
  • Minister’s wife
  • Scientist
  • Meeting Poet
  • Raj Vaidya
  • Raj Pandit
  • Raj Yatishi
  • Wazir
  • Nawab Bahadur of Bengal
  • Khambaj Raja
  • Commander
  • Kelepocha
  • Bhagvan
  • Bota
  • Puti
  • Ghota
  • Puti’s father
  • Puti’s mother
  • Nebla
  • Tepa
  • Gulte
  • Puchke
  • Bhola Moyra

A little about Gopal Bhar and His stories

Gopal Bhar was a well-known performer in Bengal’s medieval courts. In the 18th century AD, Raja Krishnachandra, the well-known ruler of Nadia, had him as one of his funniest courtiers. Gopal Bhar was a wise individual. His intelligence and wit were exceptional. He was considered one of his court’s Navaratnas (nine ratans) since he was the pinnacle of intelligence and was highly regarded by all. His statue is still present in Raja Krishnachandra’s palace, and his fabled details and stories are still being told. His accounts of their adventures are still relevant today and have been memorialized in several short stories.

These short stories are animated to make them humorous and simple enough for young listeners to understand. The cartoon stories are charming, succinct, and humorous and always have a social lesson to impart. Numerous people are motivated and assisted in improving their lives by these social messages. This animated series feature Gopal Bhar, a legendary character who passed on quite a good amount of wisdom and morale amongst kids through his stories. He is popular in Bengal and admired for how he handled the issues of the court and life.

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