Smaashhing Simmba Cartoon Characters Name List

Smashing Simmba is a fun-packed cartoon TV show in Hindi. The show made its debut on November 14, 2020. The 2018 Indian film Simmba inspired the animated television series Smashing Simmba (which is stylized as Smaashhing Simmba). Rohit Shetty Picturez produced it in association with Pogo. Moreover, it is Pogo’s first original program. It falls into the kids, comedy, animation, and fantasy categories. The show’s director and producer is Rohit Sharma. Adapted from the well-known police drama Singham, which Rohit Shetty also directed, is the animated series. The focus of the series is Simmba.

Smaashhing Simmba Cartoon


Fearless teenager Simmba goes on many adventures with his buddies as he works to protect the community from terrible forces. While Pillu Kaka is working tirelessly to ensure that Simmba becomes a well-mannered, law-abiding citizen and future police officer, Simmba is a loose cannon around the clock. Simmba smells a terrible guy around, and that causes a radical change in his personality. He puts all his energies into making things proper in a talking, mucking, and rocking Simmba-style action!

Simmba – Main Character

A mischievous youth, Simmba aspires to be a police officer and battles the bad guys by upholding his rules. He wants to be a police officer. Having a lot of fun and many tricks, Simmba spends most of his days apprehending villains and miscreants. With his buddies Ricky and Kittu Khabari, Simmba goes on thrilling experiences that aptly embody his tagline, “Mind is Blowing.” The official logline stated, “Thick as thieves.”

Teenage Simmba is thirteen years old. He’s a bold and intelligent boy. His dream job when he grows up is to work as a police officer. He has ingrained behaviors like knowing the difference between doing the right thing and not hurting society. Even as a teenager, he has no problem speaking out against injustice. He captures robbers and apprehends thieves for the majority of his days. Additionally, he prevents miscreants and rioters from acting improperly.

Side Characters

  • Pillu Kaka: Simba’s 60-year-old uncle. He is a Hawaldar Pilekar (Pillu Kaka) who is retired. In their ways, Simba and Kaka are vigilantes.
  • Kittu Khabari and Ricky: Simmba’s friends

About the Show and the Characters

Simmba has a cheeky child’s personality despite having that of a cop. He enjoys pulling practical jokes on others. He makes light-hearted jokes about his buddies and professors all the time. Simmba and his friends Ricky and Kittu are very close. Together, they embark on adventures, whether it’s to cause havoc or apprehend crooks. There is a fresh plot in every episode. Simmba is an action hero when it comes to fighting capabilities. He is a future police officer. He uses his brains and martial arts skills to combat the crooks. He is a smart young man who assesses the situation and draws his weapon.

His tongue is his most powerful tool. He may use his ability to turn words around to stun or confuse his opponents. He has clever and funny catchphrases that are appropriate for the circumstance. The audience adores the unique personalities and subtleties that each character in the program possesses. Simmba is shown as a hip young man. Young children find his strange qualities and humorous speech appealing. The program alternates between Bollywood and animation.

Smashing Simmba appeals to a younger audience with humor and suspenseful action thanks to little Simmba’s endearing qualities. Youngsters will be excited to see POGO’s animated adaptation of their favorite superhero from the big screen, Simmba. Children have shown it a lot of love. The episodes are hilarious, exciting, and full of fun. It is pure entertainment with a moral message that children can learn and enjoy.

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