10 Most Dangerous Batsman In The World

Everyone in the world of cricket has witnessed some prodigiously talented batsmen in 2024 put up great shows. This article focuses on the top 10 deadliest hitters of cricket from around the planet. These batsmen have demonstrated exceptional gameplay, scoring runs consistently and helping their teams win games. From the big-hitting powerhouses to technicians who broke down new barriers, greater measures have been set. Whether it be chasing those big targets or playing match-winning knocks, they are a nightmare for any bowling lineup. Well, let’s more about dangerous batsmen in the world in 2024 and who’s the top 10 best in cricket!

1. Suryakumar Yadav (India):

Suryakumar Yadav

A belligerent T20 Dangerous batsman, Yadav has gone from strength to strength on a cricket field. His 360-degree shots and knack of hitting the gaps make him a nightmare for bowlers which gets to them-time again. Along with having a T20I strike rate over 150, his IPL performances have been top-notch and he can just about turn the game around in an innings of six overs. It includes a splendid 117 off just 55 balls, which he achieved against England in the year of 2022. He was further the first player to score 1000 runs in a calendar year of T20Is in this same series in May 2022.

2. Philip Salt (England):

Philip Salt

Philip Salt is recognized for his explosive starts and aggressive batting in limited-overs cricket. He is known for his ability to score quickly and pressure the opposition from the beginning. Salt is dangerous because his explosive starts can destabilize the opposition and set the role for high-scoring innings. Salt’s powerful hitting and knack for finding boundaries make him a crucial player for his team. Salt has a striking speed of above 150 in T20 cricket likewise underscoring his offensive way of hitting which is a notable thing. One of his best performances was scoring 88 runs from just 43 balls against Pakistan in 2021.

3. Virat Kohli (India):

Virat Kohli

His aggressive as well dependable strokeplay in batting has helped Virat Kohli to become a natural prolific scorer. He is a record-holder for the fastest to 10,000 ODI runs. However, Kohli’s temperament to play under pressure and his tendency to score big in crunch matches see him as one batsman who can single-handedly turn a match around. His make him one of the most dangerous batsmen. His exceptional fitness and his running between the wickets have been known as an additional dimension to affect his overall competition. His make him one of the most dangerous batsmen,

4. Travis Head (Australia):

Travis Head

We all know how good Head is with his powerful striking and has shown it in ODIs, persisting too. Australia Imposing opener image grab via Uber video His aggressive play has become his strength at the top of the order for Australia. Head has built a reputation since as being capable of playing long innings but also scoring quickly when required. Among all these, his best display arrives in a whirlwind 152 off just 130 balls against England in 2023. Apart from this, Head has even scored more than 2000 runs in ODIs at an SR over 90 which outlines his consistency and aggressive approach with the bat.

5. Kieron Pollard (West Indies):

Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard beast of the match – His powerhouse hitting, finishing factor and more. Pollard provides the ability to score quickly in T20s – with a strike rate of 150.51 he could potentially change games. This has made him a dangerous T20 player, with consistent performances in the domestic leagues and for West Indies. The aggressive playing style is even complemented by Pollard’s leadership on the field. He proved his durability and effectiveness, Over 500 T20 matches in just about every corner of the world.

6. Andre Russell (West Indies):

Andre Russell

Andre Russell is Known for his power-hitting & long 6s. A game changer himself, with his dynamic batting ways. One of the most dangerous T20 batsmen, Russell has been quite consistent in various leagues around the world. And he is serviceable enough with bat and ball to qualify as an all-rounder. Russell is a destructive batsman and has a strike rate of well above 170 in T20s.

7. Glenn Maxwell (Australia):

Glenn Maxwell

The Big Show – Glenn Maxwell, Flamboyant and unorthodox in his batting. The high strike rates in the T20 and ODI formats indicate his attacking style of play. That ability to score quickly under mounting pressure means Maxwell is one of the most valuable and dangerous batters in the world. Additionally, he is a multifaceted fielder and infrequent bowler. In ODIs by an Australian player, Maxwell scored the second-fastest century of all time (achieved in 51 balls).

8. Babar Azam (Pakistan):

Babar Azam

Pakistan’s shining star Babar Azam is famous for his stylish and steady batting. A player frequently compared to Virat Kohli, Babar is superb as far as placement and run rate are concerned. He has the world record for being quickest to score 1000 T20 runs, in just 26 innings. His best dangerous innings was when he scored an unbeaten 122 off only 59 balls against South Africa in a T20I match, and many felt as though it was the first time they saw something like this. Babar has over 9000 runs in international cricket and averages above 50 in both ODIs and T20Is.

9. David Warner (Australia):

David Warner

David Warner, it is, who starts aggressively and then goes on to make a big score. He was known for being a good-performing all-format aggressive player. His ability to score quickly and play destructive knocks whenever asked makes him dangerous in any given conditions. He is also a gun fielder and performs well in under-pressure situations. Warner has played over 70 Tests, scoring more than 7,000 runs including a triple-century.

10. Jos Buttler (England):

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler is capable of aggressive batting and closing matches in the limited-overs format. One of his spectacular knock for instance was 124 off just 64 balls against Pakistan in the year 2020. Buttler has an England record for the fastest ODI century in just 46 balls to his name and more than 2000 runs at a strike rate of above 140 in T20Is. He is an essential batter for his team with the capability to score rapidly under pressure. Buttler is lethal as he can turn the game on its head in a matter of few overs with his power-hitting capabilities.


In 2024 Top 10 Cricketers Who Are Most Dangerous have shown outstanding talent and have been so consistent that it makes them any bowler’s nightmare wherever they go forth to play hence their position in our list today; what distinguishes them is their heavy batting hence very high scoring rates let alone match-winning potentialities hence they are considered among other things great batsmen all over the world.

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