Bandbudh Aur Budbak Cartoon Characters Name List

Bandbudh Aur Budbak is a popular TV animation. The producers of the animated comedy television series Bandbudh Aur Budbak are Mayank Patel, Aashish Mall, and Avinash Walzade. Additionally, Paperboat Animation Studios produced it. It made its initial ZeeQ debut in 2015. It covers the mischievous activities and academic lives of two mischievous pals, Badrinath and Budhdeb.

Bandbudh Aur Budbak


Budhdeb and Badrinath, 2 ten-year-old boys, are somewhat dimwitted. Although they struggle academically, they are skilled at pulling practical jokes, misleading educators, causing mischief, and—above all—freeing themselves from the maze of issues by chance or illogical argument.

Main Cartoon Characters Names

Badrinath “Badri”: One of the show’s primary characters is Badrinath. He is astute and comes up with schemes to deceive people to get what he wants. His loyalty lies in his friendships, and he despises school and studying. His primary game is Mega Robot. The voice of Pooja Punjabi is hers.

Budhdeb, also known as Budh: One of the show’s primary characters is Budhdeb. Budhdeb despises school and studying, although he is devoted to his buddies. Every time, he exclaims, “Ekdum Lallantaap!” which means “Very Fantastic!” At times, even Badrinath says this. He plays Mega Robot mainly just like Badrinath. It is Sonal Kaushal who voices him.

Recurring Characters Names

  • Jeeva: The class’s fattest boy is Jeeva. He falters. Even though he thinks of himself as extremely strong, the child is cowardly.
  • Gyan Singh: Hailing from Punjab, India, Gyan is the brightest kid in the class and always finishes first.
  • Sabina: Sabina is the class monitor. She wears spectacles and is a highly responsible person. She is a buddy of Gyan’s.
  • Karan: Karan is a fashionable boy. He hails from the United States and is constantly bragging about the items his father imports, primarily from London and the United States.
  • Saira and Maira: The two most attractive girls in the school are Maira and Saira: They are sisters. They speak English most of the time and are quite trendy. They enjoy discussing movies and do so frequently when strolling around the school hallways.
  • Mukesh, Ganesh & Ramesh: Brothers Mukesh, Ganesh & Ramesh are in triplets. All of them wear glasses.
  • Dubey: Dubey Ji is the teacher of Badri and Budh’s class. He is from Bihar, speaks Bhojpuri, and occasionally even speaks a little bit of English. Being overweight, he consistently calls Badrinath and Budhdeb “murga” (literally, “Rooster”) for misbehaving at school.
  • Makkhan Singh Rathi: The Apna School’s principal is Makkhan Singh Rathi. He hails from Haryana, converses in Haryanvi, and occasionally utilizes English in formal settings. His build is slender and tall. He encourages pupils to obtain trophies for the school because he loves trophies. He drives a yellow automobile to school.
  • Bindiya Roy: Bindiya Roy is the school’s art instructor. She is from West Bengal and can speak Hindi, English, and some Bengali.
  • Patel: The school’s peon is Patel. He is sluggish. He spoke Gujarati and is from Gujarat. He even talks Sanskrit occasionally.
  • Patil: Patil is the school’s security guard. He is responsible and sincere. He is a very busy man. He speaks Marathi and hails from Maharashtra.
  • Yogiraj Ji: The yoga instructor at Apna School, Yogiraj Ji, is also known as Yoginath Ji. Like any conventional Hindu sage, he has long hair and a beard.
  • Krishnan Sir: Krishnan Sir works as an Apna School lab assistant. He is responsible, wise, and sincere. He wears spectacles.
  • Librarian: She is a teacher who goes by anonymously. As demonstrated in the episode Angrezi Ka Aakraman, she manages the library and instructs the class in Hindi.
  • Cinderella: Cinderella is a buffalo. When Badrinath and Budhdeb ride their cycles carelessly, they frequently run into her, but she does not respond to them in any manner.


  • Kaala Kaboola
  • Principal Rana
  • Pahari Lal
  • Officer Waghmare
  • Chhota Manjan
  • Munna Mobile

A children’s comedy series called Bandbudh aur Budbak features two very funny characters together with the other kids and teachers at their school.

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