Roll No 21 Cartoon Characters Name List

“Roll No 21” is a popular cartoon show that modernizes the story of Lord Krishna and the demon king Kansa, set in a school environment. Animasia Studios and Cartoon Network produce this Indian animated television series Roll No. 21, commonly referred to as Krish. The program is accessible in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and English. It made its debut on November 27, 2010, as one of Cartoon Network’s first Indian original series. The story revolves around Krish, Kanishk, and other students.

Roll No 21 Cartoon


Krish, a clever but mischievous child who is an avatar of Lord Krishna, attends an orphanage school with his pals Pinky, Babloo, and Madhu. A wicked demon king is determined to wreak havoc in the school by assuming the role of principal Kanishk, the avatar of Kansa. He wants to use his army of zombie demons to conquer the planet for sinister purposes. Kris prays to Lord Vishnu to prevent his friends and school from being destroyed, and he is granted superpowers.

Main Cartoon Characters Name List

1. Kris: Golu refers to Kris as “neele gubbare,” which translates to “blue balloon.” Kris is a godly child. He is Lord Krishna in human form. When Kanishk showed up at the school and began wreaking havoc, Krish offered prayers to Lord Krishna, who granted him the powers of himself. He carries a flute, which he can use to strike or defend himself, along with the Magic Peacock Feather. He appears in Mathura Anath Ashram to bring down Kanishk and his evil plans. While attending school normally, Krish secretly transforms into Krishna, the heavenly youth endowed with magical abilities on demand.

2. Kanishk: Mathura Anath Ashram’s principal, Kansa, is Kanishk’s avatar. When he first returned to Earth, his goal was to rule the entire planet, but Krishna’s arrival is “delaying” his entire scheme. He is the Netherworld’s king of demons. Every story in the series has a fresh “Get Kris” plot that He comes up with to eliminate Krish.

3. Dr.J: Kanishk’s most devoted minon is Dr. J. He is a dentist who lives close to Kanishk. He is Jarasandh’s reincarnation. J frequently comes up with fresh concepts to eliminate Krish. J is not just a dentist but also a scientist who is always creating new tools, machinery, and traps primarily employed to deal with Krish.

4. Pinky: Pinky attends Mathura Anath Ashram and is Krish’s classmate. She is Radha in human form. She is one of Krish’s closest pals and cares about the school, Krish, and her friends. She’s crushing on Kris as well. Pinky is an intelligent girl who excels in academics.

5. Babloo: Babloo is Kris’ closest friend and Sudama’s reincarnation. He spends most of his time with Krish and supports him and his opinions when Pinky challenges them. Despite being a mediocre student, he excels in sports.

6. Madhu: Madhu is the group’s intellect and Krish’s friend. He is Krish’s smartest friend. He never stops developing new and creative concepts for toys and tech.

7. Golu: The Mathura Anath Ashram’s bully is Golu. His sole occupation and pastime are tormenting the children and forcibly stealing their belongings or meals. Krish and his buddies challenge him frequently. Several individuals and children refer to him as motu (Fatso) since he has a fondness for all types of food.

8. Sukhi: In the school, Sukhi is Narada Muni’s reincarnation. He is at the school to report everything to the gods. He has a supernatural phone that connects him directly to heaven, and he keeps a phone booth outside the school. He knows Kris’s secret and frequently assists him by informing him of Kanishk’s nefarious schemes.


  • Sudama
  • Radha
  • Taarak
  • Suparna
  • Basu
  • Prashant
  • Ballu
  • Chimpu and Champu

The series is renowned for its clever plot and eye-catching animation. The show is well-liked by Indian children since it is set in a fictional world and is therefore thought to resonate with children of the same age.

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