Chacha Bhatija Cartoon Characters Name List

“Bure kaam ka bura natija, kyun bhai Chacha, haan Bhatija”. Chacha Bhatija is an Indian animated television series that aired on Hungama TV. The show Chacha Bhatija is full of laughter and adventure. The show is packed with solving cases by Chacha and Bhatija in Funtoosh Nagar. The animation changes backgrounds and cuts the camera in many shots, which is funny. Almost every character in the show has a theme song. Parminder, Bandhookni, Bhatija, and others have theme songs that have become quite popular amongst the kids.

Chacha Bhatija


In the made-up town of Funtoosh Nagar, an uncle and his nephew, Chacha (Bhatija’s uncle) and Bhatija (Chacha’s nephew), collaborate as a detective team to solve mysteries. They recruit friends to help them, such as scientist and inventor Bhalla, Khoji Singh, Bandookni, and a policeman. Chacha represents the group’s comedy and vigor, while Bhatija represents its intelligence.

Chacha Bhatija Cartoon Show Characters List

Main Characters

  • Chacha (Balwant Singh): The show’s main character, along with Bhatija’s uncle, is a thirty-five-year-old guy named Chacha (Balwant Singh). He usually shows up wearing blue clothes and a red hat, trying to get out of unpleasant situations.
  • James Singh, Bhatija: The persona of James Singh, Bhatija The show’s protagonist is a 9-year-old child named Bhatija, who happens to be Chacha’s nephew. He is thought to be well-educated and enjoys lollipops. He is wearing a red shirt with a yellow tie and a red fedora.
  • Officer Bandookniji Singh: He is a 29-year-old chief officer from Funtooshnagar and is a Chacha Bhatija fan. She speaks with a Punjabi accent.
  • Don Jogawar is a 28-year-old who is thought to be the biggest crook in Funtooshnagar and is accompanied by many goons.
  • Jhambhatti: The benevolent and helpful human buddy of Chacha and Bhatija.
  • Inspector Dhamu is a hardworking police inspector from the area who frequently assists Chacha and Bhatija in solving crimes.
  • Commissioner: The chief of police takes his duties seriously and is unflappable.
  • Jhatka: A crazy scientist who frequently causes the issues that Bhatija and Chacha must resolve.
  • Gabbar Singh: He is a local thugster who is frequently the brains behind Dr. Jhatka’s plots.
  • Sambha: Gabbar Singh’s goon, a dimwitted yet ferociously devoted thug.
  • Sooraj: A bold and resourceful child from the area, he is friends with Bhatija and Chacha.
  • Danka and Dholki: Don Jogawar’s most well-known goons, Danka and Dholki, are 24 years old. They help him with his crimes in Funtooshnagar.
  • Rosy Bike: Don Jogawar’s robotic bicycle, known as Rosy Bike.
  • Bhalla Singh: Bhalla Singh is a 38-year-old businessman who sporadically acts extremely stingy and cowardly.
  • Mera Shera is the pet dog of Chacha and Bhatija. He is brave and always ready to protect his owners. With his sharp senses, Mera Shera often helps in finding clues and catching criminals.

Recurring Characters

  • Doctor Khoji Singhji is a scientist and physician who can make amazing things with little effort.
  • Hawaldar Singh: Hawaldar Singh works as an officer at Funtooshnagar.
  • Mimicry Bhai: Mimicry Bhai is a talented chef and movie star.

This is an Indian animated series called Chacha Bhatija that centers on Uncle Chacha and his nephew Bhatija. Bhatija is the brains behind their exploits, while Chacha is a humorous and powerful character.

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