10 Beautiful Rabbit Web Series Actresses’ Names with Photos

Nowadays, people prefer watching movies and shows on their mobile phones rather than going out to theaters. One very popular platform for this is the Rabbit Movies app. Rabbit Movies offers a wide variety of web series for mature people that are loved by many viewers. Therefore, the platform has introduced many talented and stunning actresses who have impressed audiences with their beauty and performances. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to these shows, you’ll definitely enjoy learning more about these amazing actresses. So, let’s have a look at the 10 beautiful Rabbit Web Series actresses and their photos.

1. Prerana Keshwani


Prerna Keshwani, also known as Kesprerna, is a beautiful Indian actress and model. She mainly works in Hindi web series. Born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, Prerna became well-known for her roles in popular web series like “I Hate You” and “Mittho Bhabhi,” which are available on the Rabbit Movies app.

2. Kriti Verma

Kriti Verma

Next is Kriti Verma. She is an Indian actress and model, mainly known for her work in Hindi web series. She has gained fame for her performances in notable digital projects, which have made fans go crazy about her flawless beauty. Kriti Verma had a prominent role in the popular Hindi web series “Totka,” produced by Rabbit Movies. She also participated in India’s biggest reality show, Bigg Boss season 12.

3. Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave is a stunning and confident Indian model and actress. She mainly acts in Ullu web series. Palak gained fame by playing roles in different OTT platforms like Ullu and Rabbit Movies. She starred in popular web series such as Singardaan, Gaachi, Charamsukh Chawl house 3, and more.

4. Taniya Chatterjee

Taniya Chatterjee

Taniya Chatterjee is a beautiful Indian actress and model from Bengal. She’s famous for acting in Hindi web series. She’s known for her great performances in many digital shows. Taniya Chatterjee’s most famous role was in “Rajneeti Chapter 4,” a popular web series made by Rabbit Movies.

5. Anupama Prakash

Anupama Prakash

Now, let’s discuss Anupama Prakash. She’s an Indian actress and model famous for her roles mainly in Hindi web series. Anupama’s beauty and dedication led her to debut in Kollywood with Avalukk Enna Azhagiya Mugam and in Bollywood with Risknamaa and Chuhiya. Anupama Prakash promotes various brands and has participated in numerous fashion events. Also, she starred in “Mohini,” a web series made by Rabbit Movies.

6. Jayshree Gaikwad

Jayshree Gaikwad

Jayshree Gaikwad, a talented model and actress, was born in Pune, Maharashtra, India. She’s famous for her roles in shows like Puddan (2021), KaroNaa (2023), and Munshi Ji (2023). Jayshree has gained a lot of attention for her amazing acting skills and flawless beauty. She’s worked in many popular web series like Aah Se Aah Tak, Vinash Kaal, Pyaar Hawas Dhoka, Ladies First, Vaasu, Videshi Ishq, and more. She’s become one of the most wanted actresses in the Indian web series industry because of her great performances.

7. Aliya Naaz

Aliya Naaz

Aliya Naaz comes from Kishanganj, Bihar, India. She’s an actress known for her roles in “Puddan” (2021), “Tere Mere Beech Main” (2024), and “Sanskari” (2023). Born on January 27, 1998, Aliya is an Indian model and actress. She mainly appears in Ullu web series. Aliya gained fame for her captivating eyes and beauty in various OTT platforms like Ullu, Rabbit Movies, Cineprime, and Prime Shots. She has acted in popular web series such as “Bahujaan,” “Jaghanya Upaay,” “Choodiwala,” and “Takk.”

8. Simran Khan

Simran Khan

Simran Khan, also known as Sabreena, is a talented and beautiful Indian actress, model, and fashion influencer. She’s become popular in Hindi web series because of her great acting and strong presence. Simran Khan has worked a lot with the web studio Ullu, appearing in famous web shows like “Palang Tod: Care Taker,” “Lovely Massage Parlour,” and “Mohini.” These shows have shown her talent and made her an important person in Hindi web series. Some of her famous shows are “Bhoot Ka Saboot” (Unflix), “Moh” (Rabbit Movies), “Palang Tod: Care Taker” (Ullu), “Lovely Massage Parlour” (Ullu), and “Chalbaaz” (Piliflix).

9. Pooja Poddar


Next up, we have Pooja Poddar, a beautiful actress and model from Bengal, India. She’s famous for her roles in Hindi web series. Pooja started her career by doing photoshoots and modeling gigs, showing off her beauty and grace. Later, she moved into web series and has become quite famous in that field. Pooja has starred in several popular web series that you can watch on different online streaming platforms. Some of her best-known works include “Jalebi Bai,” “Chanda Aur Chandani,” and “Baba Rancho.” In these series, she’s played captivating characters and wowed audiences with her acting skills.

10. Ankita Singh


Finally, let’s talk about Ankita Singh, also known as Pooja Singh, in the Beautiful Rabbit Web Series. She’s an Indian actress, dancer, and model who’s famous for her roles in Hindi web series. She’s gained recognition for her acting in many well-known digital projects. One of her biggest roles was in the popular Hindi web series “Bhabhi 123,” produced by Rabbit Movies.


In conclusion, the Rabbit Movies app is gaining popularity among fans. This popularity has helped many talented actresses become famous in web series. This article talks about ten beautiful and popular actresses from Rabbit Web Series, like Prerana Keshwani, Kriti Verma, Ankita Dave, Taniya Chatterjee, Anupama Prakash, Jayshree Gaikwad, Heena Harwani, Aliya Naaz, Simran Khan, and Pooja Poddar. Each actress has amazed audiences with their great acting and has gained a lot of fans. Whether you know these actresses already or you’re just finding out about them, you’ll be impressed by their talent and beauty.

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