Inspector Chingum Cartoon Characters Name List

The first episode of the Indian 3D animated television series Inspector Chingum, created by Cosmos-Maya, debuted on Amazon Prime Video on May 4, 2018. This program is a spin-off of Motu Patlu. After Selfie with Bajrangi, Cosmos-Maya’s second show, Inspector Chingum, debuted on internet platforms before airing on television networks. Hungama TV began airing the program on April 29, 2019. Afterwards, Disney Channel and Marvel HQ, both aired it. Most of his comedic acts are well-known. He is South Indian and works as an inspector. His voice is consistently South Indian. This is his area of expertise. 52 episodes total from the two seasons of the show.

Inspector Chingum Cartoon

Inspector Chingum Cartoon Characters Name

Inspector Chingum – He is the “Shantiwood” district’s police inspector. His accent is heavily South Indian. He frequently appears on a bike. He is a rigorous but incredibly compassionate man who enjoys his work. He can be seen at work in a khaki uniform.

Hera and Pheri – Inspector Chingum catches the robbers, and Hera and Pheri—the two timid constables—just shackle them. Pheri occasionally appears to have a poor memory. This is evident when he calls many restaurants and places separate orders rather than just ordering dosa from dosa Anna. Their uniforms are Khaki.

Khabrilaal – He is an animal and bird communicator and Inspector Chingum’s pal. He frequently assists Inspector Chingum through the operatives he has placed throughout the city.

No baal – He is the episode’s main antagonist and a local who intrudes into Shantiwood. He runs a Crime University facility where people can receive professional criminal training. He is frequently depicted as having a deep animosity toward Inspector Chingum and Shantiwood and will stop at nothing to get rid of them.

Ek baal – He is one of No Baal’s three most reliable goons. Despite being the shortest of the three, he is also the smartest and chattiest. He’s dressed in all red, including his pajamas and shirt.

Do baal -Do Baal is another one of No Baal’s top three goons regarding trust. Though shorter than Teen Baal, he is taller than Ek Baal. He is dressed in all green, including a green pajama and shirt.

Teen Baal – Out of No Baal’s 3 most trusted goons, Teen Baal is the tallest. He’s dressed in all blue, including a blue pajama and shirt. Of the three, he is the least important and is frequently disregarded.

Bozo – He serves as both Inspector Chingum’s police dog and pet Dobermann. He has demonstrated that he has a fantastic body and is quite clever. This is demonstrated when he joins Shantiwood’s football squad as the goalkeeper in a particular episode.

Dosa Anna – When Chingum feels completely overpowered by his opponent, Dosa Anna is the one who comes to his aid. He prepares different kinds of dosa and delivers them to Inspector Chingum. He now possesses superpowers that enable him to combat crooks.

Bigadu – Like Chatur’s evil counterpart, he is a malevolent scientist employed by No Baal. His inventions, which cause chaos in Shantiwood, are nothing new for him.

Superstar Chocolate: Inspector Chingum considers him a terrific buddy and Shantiwood’s superstar. He frequently dances into the scene, occasionally aiding Chingum in overcoming formidable foes.

Chatur: Inspector Chingum is friends with him.

Mayor Jaldbole – Mayor Jaldbole is the mayor of Shantiwood. She moves very slowly in whatever she does.

Justick – He is the living stick of Inspector Chingum. Even if it takes the form of proverbs, he frequently offers Inspector Chingum insightful counsel when he is in trouble.

Watch some intriguing Inspector Chingum episodes. If they watch every episode, it will be enjoyable. Additionally, it can hold the attention of the younger ones for a long time. The youngsters will enjoy listening to this serial’s title tune multiple times because it is so beautiful. There are a lot of things happening in the serial.

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