Motu Patlu Cartoon Characters Name List

Motu Patlu is a beloved Indian cartoon show that has captured the hearts of children and adults alike. The Indian animated sitcom Motu Patlu debuted on Nickelodeon on October 16, 2012. Translations of this show are available in Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. This TV series is adapted from Lotpot. It centers on the exploits of two friends named Motu and Patlu, who frequently find themselves in awkward and humorous circumstances before being saved only by good fortune. In India, it is among the most-watched children’s programs.

Motu Patlu


Two pals named Motu and Patlu reside in Furfuri Nagar. Motu’s favorite snack is samosas, and he often tries to steal them from Chaiwala, a local merchant who sells tea and prepares the best samosas in the area. Motu momentarily becomes stronger and more energetic after consuming samosas. Of the two, Motu is mostly the misfit and accidentally causes trouble because of his incompetence, while Patlu is the more astute one who continually attempts to stop him.

Cartoon Characters Name List

1. Motu

One of the main characters in the show is a chubby man named Motu. He gets power from eating samosas, which he enjoys. Patlu is his best pal. He frequently gets into problems as a result of his behavior. Even if it gets him into problems, he is constantly searching for the simplest method to make money, have fun, and consume a lot of samosas. He gains more energy from eating samosas and becomes stronger than anyone, much like Chhota Bheem. He fears mice.

2. Patlu

One of the primary protagonists of the drama is a slender man named Patlu. He is the city’s sharpest guy, or so the narrative goes. Both Motu and Patlu get into issues, which Motu usually gets through. He enjoys reading newspapers but detests samosas. Additionally, it’s said that his grandfather was a professional boxing champion with a secret concoction that Motu would eventually uncover to grant him superhuman power. He has a yellow tunic, brown shoes, orange leggings, and brown frames for his glasses.

3. Dr. Jhatka

Scientist Dr. Jhatka is a quirky person. Owing to his accent, he is called a Punjabi. Though extremely profitable, his technologies could be more helpful to the general public. In actuality, inventions cause problems for people rather than assist them. It is established that his grandfather is wealthy and looking for his grandson in Furfuri Nagar. He nearly falls into the cunning, conceited, and cunning trap set by John, who poses as his scientist grandson. His design is an offshoot of Motu.

4. Ghasitaram

Despite having twenty years of experience in every sector, Ghasitaram’s knowledge could be more useful. His hometown is Ghatal, which is in West Bengal’s West Midnapore. Like Dr. Jhatka, his purported “experiences of 20 years” frequently make individuals difficult, particularly Motu and Patlu.

5. Chingum

His job is as an inspector of police. However, with the assistance of Motu and Patlu, Chingum can apprehend crooks by sheer luck. Chingum is a devoted police inspector who speaks with a heavy South Indian accent and enjoys Rajinikanth. Following his dialogue, he discharges his rifle into the air, causing coconuts to fall on his head and cause him to tumble to the ground. In addition to his green motorbike, he occasionally operates a police jeep. Hera and Pheri, a pair of Constables, occasionally lend a hand to him.

6. John

The program’s primary antagonist is John. John wants to rise to the position of Don. He speaks in a “Mwah-ha-ha-ha!” tone. John, John, John, banega don!” But his ideas go wrong. With his two bumbling henchmen, Number 1 and Number 2, John devises various schemes to trouble the residents of Furfuri Nagar.

7. Chaiwala

Chaiwala is a tea vendor next to Motu’s residence. In the past episodes, Motu would steal tea from the business, but he created Patlu’s favorite tea in the city and Motu’s favorite samosas.

Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj’s comic strip inspired Motu Patlu. The diverse and colorful cast of Motu Patlu makes the show a delightful watch. Each character, with their unique traits and quirks, contributes to the series’ charm and humor.

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