Selfie With Bajrangi Cartoon Characters Name List

A small village in modern India is the setting for the action-comedy animation TV series Selfie with Bajrangi. The action-comedy cartoon TV show Bajrangi is about friendship, joy, and loyalty.  This story was written by Praveen Fernandes and aired in 2017. This series became extremely popular in India in a matter of days. The 11-episode action-comedy animated TV series Bajrangi is about friendship, joy, and unity and is set in modern times in a tiny village in northern India. In this post, we are given the series’ plot, such as a selfie with Bajrangi. The post also provides information on the cartoon characters’ name lists and their role, which keeps the kids hooked on the series. Let’s get started then!

Selfie With Bajrangi Cartoon


Bajrangi appears in a few episodes and is a very enigmatic character. Bajrangi will remain invisible to everyone else, just visible to Ankush. He is Ankush’s close friend and continues to support him. The plot revolves around the life of Ankush, a young, impoverished 9-year-old who lives with his parents. One day, a shy nine-year-old boy known only as Bajrangi (little Hanuman) walks into their life and alters them forever. Bajrangi, which is exclusively visible to Ankush, is enjoyable.

Main Cartoon Characters Name List

1. Ankush

Ankush is the primary character on which the entire narrative centers. Ankush attends school every day and is enrolled in Kindergarten. Ankush finds it extremely challenging to handle his regular work. In the series, a different child by the name of Ranga also teases him. Everything shifts when Ankush meets Bajrangi. Bajrangi helps him resolve any issue he is having.

2. Bajrangi

Although Ankush plays the primary part in this series, Bajrangi’s unique abilities intrigue the narrative. Children are drawn to Bajrangi because of his extraordinary abilities. Bajrangi is only nine. He simply enters Ankush’s life and helps him with anything that he undertakes. They will learn a great deal of things together. The principles of camaraderie and unity are largely highlighted in the series.

3. Ranga

Ranga is the next character you should be familiar with. Although he does not stay a villain for the entire series, you could consider him to be one at some point. Although he is portrayed as a villain in some episodes, he has a very good heart. In the majority of the episodes, Ankush and Bajrangi are opposed to Ranga; but in certain episodes, the three of them cooperate to make the world a better place.

4. Pinki

Another excellent character in this series is Pinki. She is among Ankush’s close buddies. Despite her extreme politeness and sensitivity, she has many positive ideas about the world. Although she has a small part in most episodes, it’s excellent. Bajrangi constantly supports Pinki’s ideas.

5. Ankush’s parents

As you can see, this figure is crucial to helping the children realize how crucial it is to have open lines of communication with their parents. They help with many things around the globe and are always there to support Ankush. Any child can achieve more with the support of their parents, and both this series and its characters embody that message.

Selfie with Bajrangi is an amazing cartoon series that many kids adore. According to the studio, the show’s success may be attributed to its worldwide relatability, which injects plenty of innovation into well-known characters and events.  Selfie with Bajrangi ranks as one of the best shows if you want to impart moral principles, the value of friendships, and the necessity of talking to parents. Every character in the animated series has a lot of personality and importance.

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