Sab Jholmaal Hai Cartoon Characters Name List

The Indian animated comedy television series Sab Jholmaal Hai, which translates to “Everything is Crazy Here,” is an older adaptation of Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal. It was broadcast on Sony Yay before Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal was created. Translations of the show are available in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Sab Jholmaal Hai Cartoon


The narrative centers on the exploits of four creatures who reside in Miss Katkar’s comfortable home: a dog named Zordaar, a parrot named Popat, two cats named Honey and Bunny, and a parrot named Popat. Together, the pets always embark on exciting and crazy adventures. In addition to being generally kind and well-mannered, the pets protect the good and the impoverished in their village against criminals and wicked persons.

Main Cartoon Characters List

1. Honey – The twin brother of Bunny, Honey is voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in a Salman Khan impersonation. He is an orange and white cat who is only a few minutes older than Bunny. He is naive and perpetually in the dark. Honey is referred to as a fool since he is unsure about his identity and morality. Other series characters refer to him as Gadha, or donkey. He adores his buddies and owner dearly.

2. Bunny – Honey’s younger twin brother, Bunny, is a black-and-white cat voiced by Mubeen Saudagar in imitation of Aamir Khan. Bunny is attractive. He enjoys working in groups to pull practical jokes on everyone. In addition, he guards his pals. Being the more intelligent cat, Bunny takes the lead in saving other cats.

3. Zordaar – Zordaar is an obedient dog with a pleasant skin color who is well-behaved. Mubeen Saudagar plays him in an imitation of Amol Palekar. He assists with home tasks every time. He attempts to find a way out and frequently finds himself having problems while the remaining pets in the home are up to no good. He adores Honey, Popat, and Bunny. Though he is the strongest of the four heroes as a dog, he occasionally gets terrified. He uses the word “sir” all the time.

4. Popat – The self-centered green parrot named Popat. He is voiced by Mubeen Saudagar, who is imitating Mithun Chakraborty. He thinks he is superior to everyone else. He just wants to have fun and loves to go on adventures. He dislikes eating red or green chilies, though. “Koee shak”—”any doubt”—is his catchphrase.

5. Miss Katkar—The home owner, Miss Katkar, is voiced in a Hema Malini impersonation. She provides equal care for her four dogs. She works at an office and has no idea what mischief people do in her home while she’s not there. She considers her dogs to be her kids.

6. Gullu Khanna – The voice of Gullu Khanna, also called Khanna Saahab, mimics Navjot Singh Sidhu. He owns the home that Miss Katkar lives in next door. He manages a bank. He is more carefree than Miss Katkar, and his Shayari (poetry) shocks everyone. In addition to loving Kitty as if she were his daughter, he considers Zordaar, Popat, Honey, Bunny, and Miss Katkar members of his own family.

7. Kitty – Dolly Peter Lopes mimics Aishwarya Rai’s voice for Kitty. Mr. Khanna’s pet cat is a female orange-white cat. She is the object of Honey and Bunny’s affections, and they constantly strive to win her over by getting everyone into trouble—including Kitty. Bunny generally makes an impression on Kitty. Kitty has a crush on Bunny as well.

Recurring Characters

  • Totaram
  • Sunny
  • Ghoose
  • Inspector Panda
  • Police Commissioner
  • Spider
  • Chipkali
  • Nandu
  • Dr Bhalu
  • Vaid Bhalu
  • Boxer Bobby
  • Kitkit
  • Bad Monkey
  • Lala and Majnu

This intriguing comic cartoon series will keep children occupied and delighted. Every character is full of energy and enjoys having fun. Kids adore this humorous series.

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