Pinaki & Happy – The Bhoot Bandhus Cartoon Characters Name List

Naresh Soni is the director of the Indian animated television series Pinaki & Happy – The Bhoot Bandhus. It debuted on Nickelodeon Sonic. The program tells the tale of a peculiar family of spirits that raise Pinaki, a little boy, as one of their own. Tavrohi Animations is in charge of producing the show. Simaab Sen composed the music for the series’ opening piece, while poet and lyricist Gulzar wrote the lyrics. On November 9, 2020, it made its debut. Since November 2020, the series has been broadcast on Nickelodeon Sonic. It has made it into the youngsters’ category’s Top 10.

Pinaki & Happy - The Bhoot Bandhus

Main Cartoon Characters Name List

1. Pinaki – Eleven years old, intelligent, and well-read, he was raised by his peculiar family of ghosts. Things start to change when he is accepted into a nearby school and starts interacting with people. In addition to being a little mischievous, Pinaki always tries to get his way. He tries to maintain a healthy balance between his family of ghosts and his studies. He pays close attention in class and achieves good grades. He is his teacher’s favorite student.

2. Happy – To Pinaki, he looks like an older brother. Their equations are quite cordial. Like Johnny Bravo, he is the youngest and funniest ghost in the family. He is eighteen years old and a flamboyant, theatrical teenager. His careless errors usually worsen the issues. He makes everyone laugh with his one-liners, jokes, and love of singing.

3. Gappu – The Col. Suri’s beloved dog. He discovered he could communicate like a human ever since becoming a ghost. He loves to create new Bhootiya (Ghostly) devices to benefit the family and himself because he is, at heart, a scientist.

4. Uncle Suri, Col. Vibhuti Suri, and Chikoo – He is the family’s most senior ghost. Like any Army colonel, he makes decisions and upholds discipline in the mansion. Nevertheless, He may break the rules and take a risk when it comes to the standing of the family, the ghost community, or his own safety. Mommy refers to him as Chikoo.

5. Mrs. Babli Suri / Aunty Suri – She is Col. Suri’s wife. She has a very powerful, hard personality, but she treats our main character Pinaki too kindly. She has an innate love for him. She considers herself a fantastic chef and enjoys cooking a lot. She enjoys preparing strange meals that don’t usually taste good. Everyone fears her cuisine because of her penchant for creating bizarre recipes.

Supporting characters

  • Shantu is another classmate of Pinaki’s. He is both a bully and a sarcastic young man. He enjoys making fun of Pinaki because, following his enrollment in the school, he lost his top rank in games and athletics. As a result, he harbors resentment toward Pinaki and attempts to give him trouble, but things never work out well.
  • Chintu and Mintu—Shantu’s friends are Chintu and Mintu. They provide him with the necessary information and assistance and carry out his cunning stunts as well. Most of the time, Mintu experiences paranormal activity, but nobody, not even his twin brother Chintu, believes him.
  • Dheeru Sir- He teaches Pinaki’s class. He has a Bihari accent and is middle-aged. He takes things a little too easy. He likes Pinaki a lot.
  • Sohail- Sohail is Pinaki’s closest friend and a fellow student. Even though he occasionally gets terrified, he speaks up quickly whenever the kids struggle or feel things aren’t going their way.
  • Dimpy: She is also Pinaki’s closest friend and a fellow student. She is one of the bravest girls you will ever meet and is always game for an adventure.

The hilarious escapades of Pinaki and Happy, together with a series of slapstick humor and some Bhootbaazi as they attempt to adapt the bhoot world in the real world, will embark viewers on an exhilarating dream journey.

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