Little Singham Cartoon Characters Name List

Little Singham is an Indian animated action TV series produced by Rohit Shetty Picturez in association with Discovery Kids and Reliance Animation. In it, Bajirao Singham, also known as Little Singham, battles outlaws, monsters, and deadly mutants to protect the city. Vikram Veturi directs this series.

Little Singham

Cartoon Characters Name List

1. Little Singham: He is the program’s primary character and acts as Mirchi Nagar’s defender. He is also the youngest member of the main cast. He wears a police outfit and has black sunglasses on his face. He uses the Panja Attack to protect the people of Mirchi Nagar from various threats. He is the child of Fire Hawk (Vijay) and Black Shadow (Akira). He also goes as Little Singham Bhai and Ajay. He will save anyone who cries out, “LITTLE SINGHAM!”.

2. Chiki: He is Little Singham’s pet monkey and assists him. His favorite fruit is bananas, and his green shirt has a picture of one. Everyone can comprehend what he says, especially Little Singham, even if his chats are more like monkey calls and have no real meaning. Little Singham instructs him to capture the offender if they are a child.

3. Hawaldar Karate: He is Kavya’s best buddy and Little Singham’s sergeant. He enjoys eating bhelpuri and has certain catchphrases that kids are very fond of. He addresses Kavya as ‘Kavya Madam’ and Little Singham as ‘Saheb’ (Sir).

4. Inspector Kavya: Inspector Kavya and Little Singham work as police inspectors in Mirchi Nagar. Her best friend is Hawaldar Karate.

5. Lattu: Little Singham’s helper and self-described foodie; he likes to eat khakra and dhokla. He is wearing a brown-red T-shirt and yellow shorts. His hair is short and black. Even though he likes Ajay, he does not know that the latter is Little Singham. He loves Nani, his grandmother. In addition to being awkward, he is Ajay’s closest buddy.

6. Babli: An intelligent young woman who is the daughter of Professor Avishkar. There are several episodes where she is seen as good friends with Little Singham, also known as Ajay.

7. Professor Avishkar: Faulad Singh’s senior scientist creates gadgets for Little Singham, Chikki, Babli, and Lattu when problems get critical. His daughter is called Babli.

8. Mantriji (Prime Minister): Mirchi Nagar’s premier, Mantriji, is wearing pajamas, blue shoes, a light blue shirt, and eyeglasses. He pronounces English words incorrectly when speaking Hindi. His hair is grey.

9. Rocky Cheetah: Rocky Cheetah is a half-cheetah, half-human villain who fights Little Singham.

10. Montu: An obese boy named Montu is Ajay, Lattu, and Babli’s opponent.

11. Khatarnak Khatri: Former Faulad Singh junior scientist Khatarnak Khatri breeds mutants to wipe out Mirchi Nagar.

12. Kallu and Ballu are the most wanted criminals and thieves of Mirchi Nagar. They can be seen in numerous episodes and two Little Singham movies.

13. Teacher Tara: She teaches reading, arithmetic, and chemistry at Mirchi Nagar City High School. She had on spectacles and a green saree.

Villains: Sumudi Spy, King Cobra, Maha mummy, Junglee Joker, Lallu Lafanga, Lord Boga, Shambhala, Hanikarak Hippo, Dhaturaja, Kaal Rakshas, Ulti Palti, Munna Mucchi, Daaku Dhamaka, Khatarnak Khatri, Buddhi Man, and Barood are some of the antagonists of Mirchi Nagar in the Little Singham animation.

When Bajirao Singham was a little boy, he fought off zombies, criminals, and deadly mutants to keep his city from being destroyed. Your children can acquire a variety of lessons and develop shrewd problem-solving skills by watching the entertaining and educational cartoon series Little Singham.

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