Shiva Cartoon Characters Name List

One of the most popular TV shows among Indian children is Shiva. Cosmos Entertainment, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Maya Digital Studios, and Hitech Animation are the show’s producers. Hitech Animation, Maya Digital Studios, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, and Cosmos Entertainment. The protagonist of this Indian animated action series is a little child called Shiva. After making its premiere on India’s Nickelodeon channel, “Shiva Cartoon” immediately won over a devoted fan base. Shiva lives with his grandparents in the made-up city of Vedas, where the show is set. The youthful lead is a curious and daring biking enthusiast constantly eager to learn more about the globe. The show’s target demographic of kids aged 6 to 14 finds it enjoyable and educational as it skilfully combines action, comedy, and values.

Shiva Cartoon Characters


The main character of the Indian cartoon series “Shiva” is Shiva. The show, created by Nikhil Anand, centers on the exploits of a little child who changes into a superhero to defend Vedas City from different dangers. In addition to having a special set of superhuman skills, Shiva is renowned for his bravery, wit, and proficiency with cutting-edge technology. Assisting his pals and his dependable motorcycle, the “Neela,” Shiva sets out on thrilling missions to protect his city.

Main Cartoon Characters Name List

1. Shiva

Shiva, portrayed by Nilufer Middey Khan, is the most significant character in this series. He can travel anywhere he desires on his superbike. Shiva is a very kind and helpful person who wants to help everyone. Shiva primarily assists Mr. Laddoo Singh, the constable, in apprehending criminals and robbers.

2. Aditya

Aditya Jaiswal plays the voice of Aditya Adi, among the funniest. Adi may be stupid, but she’s such a sweetheart to make children smile. He is Shiva’s close friend, and although he tries to appear brave, he ultimately succumbs to fear. He lends Shiva his sharp mind and assistance throughout his daring expedition to defend the city.

3. Mr. Laddoo Singh

Watching Mr. Laddoo Singh, a policeman known for using less-than-smart techniques to apprehend criminals and burglars is fun. Shiva aids Laddoo Singh primarily. Since most episodes revolve around teaming together to protect the city, it is clear how important this character is.

4. Uday

He is also known as Udi Uday. He is Shiva’s friend who is primarily heard sobbing when he is anxious about something. Sonal Kaushal plays Uday. Despite his mysterious mentality, he is a strong character. When Uday frequently brings up aliens, another character named Reva becomes irate with him.

5. Reva

Who does not adore Reva’s intelligence? Shiva’s best friend Reva, played by Rupa Bhimani, is incredibly supportive of Shiva in all of his problems. On the other hand, you will discover that Shiva shields Reva from harm and assists her when she is in danger. The amusing thing about Reva is that she always loses her temper whenever Adi and Udi act foolishly or show signs of fear.

6. Nanaji

Nanaji’s name may be unfamiliar because he appears in so few episodes. Shiva, however, can converse with him and address him by name, Acharya. My mother’s grandfather, Nanaji, is a gifted classical singer passionate about Hindustani music. Although he has a hidden skill that no one gets to witness, most people believe he is the worst vocalist.

The famous Indian animated television series “Shiva Cartoon” has won over the hearts of both kids and families. This charming program chronicles the thrilling adventures of a brave little boy named Shiva, who becomes a superhero to defend his hometown against several threats and enemies. With its lively animation, captivating narrative, and upbeat themes, “Shiva Cartoon” has won over many hearts and minds around the country, motivating and amusing young people.

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