Golmaal Jr. Cartoon Characters Name List

Based on the comedic film series Golmaal, Rohit Shetty created the animated television series Golmaal Jr. in India. The program is accessible in the following languages: Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannada. Being one of the first Nickelodeon Sonic originals, it made its Nickelodeon Sonic debut on May 13, 2019. Golmaal Jr. chronicles the exploits of two competing groups of highly mischievous young people. The town where the boys reside is perched on a hill. The males in both groups strive to outperform one another in everything. Thus, they will do whatever it takes to pull each other’s leg and fight constantly.

Golmaal Jr.

Golmaal Jr. Main Cartoon Characters Name

1. Gopal Kumar Santoshi aka Gopu: Gopal, also called Gopu, is a 14-year-old boy with a muscular build and self-assurance. He becomes enraged when someone points a finger in his direction. Madhav, Laxman 2, and Lucky take full advantage of his fear of the dark and paranormal entities like ghosts and spirits. He has Laxman 1 on his team. He is the show’s hero and constantly rivals Madhav’s group.

2. Madhav Singh Ghai: Though he is not as strong as Gopal, Madhav, a 14-year-old boy, believes he is equal to Gopal. He views Gopal as a rival and strives to surpass him in all endeavors, even if they require unethical measures. Lucky and Laxman 2 are included in his team.

3. Laxman Prasad aka Laxman 1: Laxman 1, a thirteen-year-old boy with a lisp, is by Gopal’s side. Wearing spectacles, he follows Gopal unconditionally and calls him Gopu. He is a member of Gopal’s group. He is primarily seen battling with Laxman 2, Madhav’s pal.

4. Laxman 2 or Laxman Sharma: Laxman 2 is a thirteen-year-old Madhav squad player. Laxman 2 is constantly sniffling and sneezing due to a persistent cold. He has a reputation for saying hurtful things that make Madhav uncomfortable and make others chuckle. Nevertheless, his remarks often provide hints that enable his team to solve problems. He is constantly by Madhav’s side and is frequently seen fighting with Laxman, Gopal’s friend.

5. Lucky Gill: Twelve-year-old Lucky is a simple boy, short and chubby. He is on the same team as Madhav. He doesn’t participate in gang battles and occasionally offers Madhav and Laxman 2 advice and remedies. He enjoys eating lollipops and speaks very little.

6. Pappi Boss: Pappi, a 31-year-old peon, works as Patwardhan Sir’s servant. His sole goal is to obtain evidence that Gopal, Laxman 1, Laxman 2, Madhav, and Lucky have been involved in strange antics.

7. Patwardhan: Golden Hills High School’s principal is a 60-year-old Patwardhan. He has very high standards and expects his pupils to be well-behaved wards. Gopal, Madhav, and the remaining three are his favourite students. Vasu Dhasu, Vasooli, and Moochi Pahalwan are his enemies.

Recurring Characters

  • Vasooli, also known as Vasooli Bhai, is a 19-year-old who is incredibly resourceful. In every episode, he starts a new business.
  • Milli: Gopal and Madhav have a mutual crush on Milli, a fellow student in the class.
  • Distinction: Gopal and Madhav’s classmate, Distinction is uncommon.
  • Vasu Dhasu: Patwardhan Sir and Golden Hills School are at odds with Vasu Dhasu.
  • Pandurang, also known as… Pandu: The snake man who poses as a snake and attacks Gopal and Madhav is thwarted by the five students playing snake flutes.
  • Peter and Repeater: The ministers of education are Peter and Repeater. If they discover a problem, they will lock down a school.

These are Golmaal Junior’s principal characters. Every character is bright and humorous. You will like seeing them perform a variety of roles. Most of the time, viewers become so engrossed in the serial that they never even attempt to miss an episode. It is ideal for individuals of all ages.

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