Keymon Ache Cartoon Characters Name List

Keymon Ache was India’s first locally produced animated series that was not mythological. The show’s main character is Keymon, an ordinary child with a magical school bag. DQ Entertainment International created the Indian animated TV show, which premiered on Nickelodeon India.

Keymon Ache

Cartoon Plot

The plot revolves around a regular boy. His father gave the youngster a suitcase that would forever alter his life. The tiny boy and his several stages are the focus of the story. It will be a hit with your kids to watch. The primary character in this serial is Keymon Ache. He shows up in the shape of a Japanese school bag. When he arrives at a Toyland, he is mingled with other toys.

Cartoon Main Characters Name List

1. Keymon Ache: Keymon the hero of the show. He is a mythical creature fashioned like a backpack. He hails from Toyland, the place where all toys originate. He converses in Toylish, the language that all Toyland’s toys speak. His enigmatic catchphrase is “Appal Pappal Chappal Chaat! Toylish mein sunlo Meri baat!” Sometimes, he plays a dramatic role.

2. Rohan Tendulkar: He is an ordinary schoolboy who always asks Keymon to use magic to save him from disaster. He wears a yellow shirt and black slacks at home. He lives with his friends Rahul, Mini, and Sid in shared apartments. Both academically and athletically, it is unimpressive. He receives discipline from his teacher for Keymon’s malicious actions. He outperforms Rahul alone in sports. He sometimes misuses Keymon’s mystical powers.

3. Radha Tendulkar, Rohan’s mother: Keymon and Rohan refer to her as Mataji. Even though she gets angry with Rohan for various reasons, Mom genuinely loves him. In earlier episodes, she and Rohan’s father had failed to recognize Keymon (as a living entity).

4. Tendulkar: Mr. Tendulkar is Radha’s spouse and Rohan’s father. He gifted Rohan the school bag. His name is not mentioned in the program.

5. Rahul: Rahul is Rohan’s school friend. He wears spectacles and is physically frail. Sid treats him badly all the time.

6. Mini: Mini is Rahul and Rohan’s pal. She leans toward tomboyism. She plays sports competitively. Rahul and Rohan are smitten with her.

7. Sid: Rahul is frequently picked on and beaten by Sid, the school bully. He is big and strong. Raja and Baja are the names of his two goons.

8. Cartoon: Cartoon is the name of Rohan’s toy car. Keymon resurrected him with his magic. He signals to Rohan and Keymon that their parents are probably close.

9. Khel Singh: Khel Singh is Rohan’s PSP gadget. Keymon resurrected him with his magic. It is not the real thing; rather, it is a copy of the original PSP console. The store proprietor conned Rohan’s father by selling him a fake. When speaking, Khel Singh has a distinctive Bihari accent.

10. Ballji Bopta: In this show, a football is called Ballji. Keymon kept him alive for the sake of winning a football game. He has a stereotypically Nepali accent.

11. DJ Danger: Keymon revived Rohan’s DJ console with his magical abilities. He performs music. Mishra Sir: Rohan’s teacher at school is Mishra Sir.

Keymon Ache is an insane combination of mischief, fun, and frolic. The show’s titular character is the wonderful creature that brings enchantment, love, and joy into the home of a youngster named Rohan Tendulkar. Every character has a distinct part to perform. Kids would always enjoy watching the serial since the characters are all so fascinating. You may give it one try for your child. Indian software companies like MobiTrail have produced mobile video games based on the franchise. Have you seen such funny Indian comedy cartoon Golmal Jr.? than must go an enjoy the show.

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