Top 5 Leading Heart Hospital in Chennai

The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is home to some of the best heart hospitals in India. The city is renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced cardiologists, and advanced medical technology.  The role of a heart hospital is to provide specialized care for patients with heart-related conditions. It includes treating and managing various heart diseases, including coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, and congenital heart defects.

In addition to medical care, heart hospitals also play a vital role in making patients aware of managing their heart health and preventing future heart-related complications. Overall, the role of a heart hospital is to increase the quality of patient’s life with heart-related conditions and help them achieve better health outcomes.

Heart Hospital

Below are the top 5 leading heart hospitals in Chennai:

1. Apollo Hospitals

  • Address: Greams Lane, 21, Greams Rd, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

Apollo Hospitals opened its operations in 1983. It was recognized as the first corporate healthcare in the country. It was one of the first in India to receive international healthcare accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), a U.S.-based organization. It is also among 13 hospitals accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers. It is available for everyone on all days of the year.

Apollo Hospitals is a well-known chain of hospitals in India synonymous with quality healthcare. The Chennai branch of Apollo Hospitals is a world-class heart hospital equipped with the latest medical technology and staffed by experienced cardiologists. This healthcare unit offers excellent cardiac intensive care facilities, cardiac catheterization labs, plus critical care units.

2. Fortis Malar Hospital

  • Address: No. 52, 1st Main Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

Fortis Malar Hospital is another leading heart hospital in Chennai known for its high-quality healthcare services. It is one of Chennai’s best multispecialty hospitals that offers each patient comprehensive medical care. Fortis Hospital, Chennai, is a pioneer in the healthcare sector. This hospital’s services enhance the well-being of its patients and their families.

At Chennai’s Fortis Hospital, the medical professionals and assistants are extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Fortis Chennai will provide each patient with excellent, comprehensive medical care. Fortis Healthcare Limited, a division of IHH Healthcare Berhad, is one of India’s leading providers of comprehensive healthcare services. It is one of the largest medical institutions in the country (including JVs), with 4,000 operational beds, 36 medical centers and over 400 diagnostic centers.

3. Kauvery Hospital

  • Address: 81, TTK Road Junction, CIT Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Kauvery Hospital has an excellent reputation in Chennai for providing high-quality healthcare services. The hospital’s cardiology department is staffed by a team of experienced cardiologists who specialize in various areas of cardiology. They are equipped with every necessary tool for an effective coronary angiography or cardiac catheterization procedure.

They are equipped with a flat panel cath laboratory for coronary angioplasty and coronary angiography. In addition, they offer TMT/computerized ECG, 4D echocardiograms, pacemaker insertion, Holter monitoring, primary stenting for acute MI, nuclear medicine, electrophysiology, and ablation. Additionally, they possess a 24-hour care unit.

4. Gleneagles Global Health City

  • Address: 439, Embassy Residency Rd, Sholinganallur, Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100

Chennai is home to Gleneagles global health city largest site in India. The institution has accreditation from major organizations and is the top-ranking Multi-Organ Transplant Centre in Asia. At the facility, many ground-breaking heart operations have been carried out. The clinic’s USPs comprise its top-notch infrastructure, which has more than 200 licensed beds, devoted staff, and commitment to high-quality healthcare.

With an array of 80 facilities in ten nations and over 15000 licensed beds, notably IHH Healthcare, Gleneagles Global Health City is a premier integrated healthcare company. The hospital provides various services, including non-invasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, and electrophysiology.

5. Vijaya Group of Hospitals

  • Address: No:434, Arcot Rd, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

Vijaya Group of Hospitals was the first hospital in Chennai and has numerous specialties. The organization’s sole objective is to ensure patients have access to top-notch care at affordable prices. The hospital is built on values like teamwork, innovation, integrity, honesty, and safety.

The Department of Cardiology provides treatments and diagnostic procedures via interventional cardiac and cardiothoracic surgery disciplines. The Vijaya Heart Foundation, a centre for super-specialty cardiac care, was established in 1996. The Vijaya Health Centre first opened its doors in 1987. About 13,000 beating hearts have undergone operations at the institution.


Chennai is home to some of the best heart hospitals in India. The city’s heart hospitals offer world-class healthcare services and are staffed by experienced cardiologists specializing in various cardiology areas. If you want high-quality healthcare services for heart-related conditions, consider visiting any of the hospitals mentioned above in Chennai.

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