10 Beautiful Kooku Web Series Actress Names with Photos

Lately, India’s digital entertainment scene has undergone a crucial transformation. Websites that stream web series, such as Kooku, have become well-known for their unique and striking content, which draws substantial audiences. The popularity of their and hot web series and short films has grown significantly among Indian viewers.

Kooku has presented an array of talented actresses who have mesmerised the audience with their beautiful looks and commendable acting skills. Here, we present ten beautiful ladies who have grabbed the attention because of their performances in the Kooku web series.

1. Pooja Poddar

Pooja Poddar

Pooja Poddar is one renowned name of the Kooku web series circuit. Her acting and beauty are balanced perfectly in the performances. Pooja’s engrossing performance and on-screen persona with expressive eyes have won her many fans. Her role in the hit Kooku web series “What the F Season 2” shows the versatile side of her acting.

2. Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave

 Ankita Dave is an actress who has made her name in the industry by working in a few web series on Kooku and other platforms of web series. Her bold and related performances in the web series, such as “Chicken Curry” and “Mеrе Angnе Mеin” made her quite popular. Her expressions, charisma, and beautiful face have made her a standout performer.

3. Abha Paul

Abha Paul

Abha Paul is another actress who has become a big showstopper in front of a huge audience with her captivating performances. She has become one of the most noted actresses for Kooku, with roles in shows like “Lolita PG House” and “Mastram”. Her attractive look and confident on-screen persona have made her a star with a huge fan following. She is popular in the web series industry for being effortless and very realistic when it comes to depicting sensually multifaceted characters.

4. Nidhi Mahawan

Nidhi Mahawan

Another popular and beautiful actress in the Kooku web series is Nidhi Mahawan. She has made an indelible impression on audiences with her dynamic acting capability and expressive eyes. It would be impossible not to notice the complexity and intensity Nidhi brings to her performances in shows like “Chutzpah” and “Shaadi Vivah”. Her ease in shifting from one role to another role makes her popular with audiences of Kooku.

5. Supriya Shukla

Supriya Shukla

Supriya Shukla is noted for some of the most enthralling performances in Kooku. She is known for her ability to bring an element of realism and relatability to her characters. Some of the performances of Supriya that she found wide popularity with were in shows such as “Bhootiyapa, Baby Sitter, Loyalty Test”, as they portrayed her knack for playing relatable roles. She is one popular actress in the web series circuit for her effortless acting technique and amiable demeanour.

6. Mahima Gupta

Mahima Gupta

Mahima Gupta quickly shot to the glory of a high-profile personality in no time with her good looks and tantalizing performances on Kooku. Her role in “Rasmalai” became quite popular, proving that she doesn’t fear taking on complicated and bold roles. Mahima is that actor who carries off nuanced roles with great poise, and her fan base is only increasing with each new offering.

7. Agni Pawar

Agni Pawar

Agni Pawar is one of the most popular actresses on Kooku, having done many bold and daring performances. She mesmerised all with her powerful screen presence and acting skills in the web series “Mere Pyare Jija Ji”. Agni has a huge fan following and is considered to be an actress who can take up the challenging role easily.

8. Priyanka Upadhyay

Priyanka Upadhyay

Priyanka Upadhyay’s peppy performance was one of the big-time complements to Kooku. Acting in series like “Psycho Saiyan” and “Mohini”, Priyanka turned out as popular for her acting talent and special talent that gives depth and emotion to the character she portrays. She continues to be a known actress in the genre of web series, because of her innate beauty and talent, which have made her garner a wide fan base.

9. Mokshita Raghav

Mokshita Raghav

Another talented actress who created quite a stir with her performance on the Kooku platform is Mokshita Raghav. Much lauded for her beauty and acting acumen, she won over the hearts in the web series “Atithi in House”. Owing to her persona and dedication to her profession, she stands different as an artist on the digital platform of web series.

10. Rajsi Verma

Rajsi Verma

Rajsi Vеrma is a well-known actress in thе Kooku wеb sеriеs cast. Rajsi is rеcognisеd in thе industry for hеr bold pеrformancеs. She gained a lot of fame and popularity among her audience as she is known to portray her roles with dеpth, intеnsity, and emotion, especially in thе popular web series “Woh Tеachеr.” She continues to be popular in the web series domain owing to her acting prowеss and charm, and has got many accoladеs.


In conclusion, it is the extraordinary talent of the actresses that Kooku’s web series has been made a success. The female performers have made their characters so lively with their brilliant performances that it has added a lot of depth and interest to Kooku’s content.

Their work has not only made this platform more attractive, but it has already paved the way for more storytelling narration, which is interestingly diverse. Gong forward, the viewers have more great performances in store from these talented ladies as Kooku broadens its horizons.

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