10 Best Cricket Openers In The World Of All Time

It is never easy when it comes to someone deciding, on the best cricket openers of all time. These players have come up against some of the best bowlers around, they have accumulated runs under pressure. Their distinct styles and incredible skills have altered the sport forever. These openers have raised the bar, from Sachin Tendulkar’s magisterial touch to Chris Gayle’s brute force. So come and have a look at the top 10 cricket openers in the world who made history through their stunning performances and memorable innings. Find out what makes the best openers in the world. So now we talk more about players.

1. Sachin Tendulkar (India):

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is famously called the “Master Blaster” because he has been an outstanding batsman with millions of records. Playing 664 games, he scored 34,357 runs with an average of about 43.93 underlines his consistency and class all over again. On the other hand, Tendulkar is an opener as his sound technique and ability to adapt allowed him not only to face new balls but also to lay a solid foundation for India. Given his temperament to absorb pressure and play big against the best bowlers in business, he was tailor-made for a slot at the top of the order.

2. Matthew Hayden (Australia):

Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden was to bowlers a bad dream due to his powerful aggressive left-hand batting when playing 273 Tests scored 15,066 runs at an average of approximately 43.29, throughout the Australian innings from their inception. That aggression meant he became an opener, providing the early impetus against opposition that was always under pressure from ball one. His opening stand, especially with Adam Gilchrist, was key to the once all-powerful status of Australia in his heyday.

3. Hashim Amla (South Africa):

Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla played in 349 matches, scoring 18,672 runs at an average of 42.72 with his calm and precise batting. He is a reliable opening batsman due to his anchoring-role-playing qualities and good technique. South Africa benefited greatly from his regular scoring and ability to build up runs. Amla brought stability to the top of the order because of his prowess in handling various situations or formats.

4. Alastair Cook (England):

Alastair Cook

A former England captain, Alastair Cook has been a man known for staying rock solid at the crease especially in Test cricket with all that endurance and his much talked about technique. In the end, Cook played 257 games for England and made an impressive 15,737 runs at an average of over 40. His temperament and resolute nature make him an opener whose job is to protect against the new ball and handle tough conditions while also providing a solid platform for his team. Cook has been a solid presence at the top of England’s order, who could be relied upon to anchor their batting line-up.

5. David Warner (Australia):

David Warner

In all formats, Australia’s explosive left-hander David Warner has brought the house down. Warner has played 376 matches, scored 18,817 runs, and averages 40.29. Warner is a tough opener; his aggression and ability to score fast in the first six overs often have the opposition on the back foot from ball one. A strong opening is always important in both ODIs and T20s, and Warner has been excellent for Australia at the top of the order.

6. Virender Sehwag (India):

Virender Sehwag

One big success India saw in that period was largely due to the fearless and aggressive batting by none other than Virender Sehwag. Sehwag scored 17,253 runs in a total of 374 games at an average of 38.94. He is an opener since it played to his natural aggressive instincts, encouraging scoring at speed in the early overs. Sehwag’s “see ball, hit ball” way of playing left plenty of bowlers demoralized as India got off to a great start in both Tests and ODIs.

7. Rohit Sharma (India):

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, popularly known as the “Hitman”, exudes elegance and power. In his career, Sharma has played 471 matches, scoring 18,718 runs at an average of 37.66. Sharma has been successful at opening the innings because he has the exceptional ability to convert big scores into hundreds, as evidenced by several double centuries in ODIs. He has the adaptability and bats brilliantly in the powerplay overs, making him one of the best opening partners in modern cricket.

8. Chris Gayle (West Indies):

Chris Gayle

The “Universe Boss,” Chris Gayle, is known for his attacking style of play and the ability to hammer sixes all around. In 483 matches, Gayle has managed to score a staggering 19,593 runs at an average of just below 36. At the end of the day, he is an opener himself and no less than a line-up because his job is to just go out there, strike your eyes innings, and clear boundaries for you. No opener in the history of cricket has created ripples quite like Gayle—his sheer presence at the top puts pressure on any team right from ball one.

9. Adam Gilchrist (Australia):

Adam Gilchrist

Australian wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist changed the dynamics of an opener by batting aggressively. In 396 games, Gilchrist scored 15,461 runs at an average of about 36.03. His aggressive style of quick scoring made him a crucial opening batsman, and the Australian team prospered. A lot of Australia’s ODI victories included a fast-scoring start, and many Test matches in the 90s featured Gilchrist blitzing and pressuring opposition bowling attacks.

10. Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka):

Sanath Jayasuriya

Sri Lankan great Sanath Jayasuriya changed the way cricket is played in ODIs with his aggressive batting. In his career, he played 586 matches and scored 21,032 runs at an average of 32.30. He is an opener, by the way—his menace to any bowling attack was so profound and urgent it reshaped how opening batsmanship worked at its core. Sri Lanka’s victory in the 1996 World Cup would not have been possible without him, as he set a brave approach to opening and limited-overs cricket for future generations.


These top 10 cricket openers have different styles of play and creativity, most probably they left the mark with unique appearances and developed an interest in the sport. From the opening counterattacks of Tendulkar to Jayasuriya’s blitz, they have made history only for kids in years hence. How they took on pressure has forced the world to accept that have been arguably one of the best-ever openers.

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