10 Most Beautiful South Korean Actresses

South Korean entertainment industry has produced many actresses who have attained fame all over the world due to their gorgeous looks and acting skills. Korean dramas are widely watched on a global level and many South Korean actresses enjoy worldwide popularity. Some of the most beautiful South Korean actresses have been listed here.

1. Lee Yo-won

Lee Yo-won

Lee Yo-won started her career as a fashion model by appearing in the November 1997 issue of the fashion magazine Fiagro. Her first notable acting performance was in the 2001 television drama Blue Mist. Subsequently, she starred in the 2005 movie Fashion 70s, followed by a supporting role in the romantic comedy When Romance Meets Destiny. Lee Yo-won’s breakthrough performance came in the hit 2009 period drama Queen Seondek in which she played the title role of Queen Seondek. Her other well known movies include Empire of Gold, May 18, Fists of Legend and My Little Brother.

2. Song Hye-ko

Song Hye-ko

Song Hye-ko first appeared as a model in an advertisement for school uniforms at the age of 14. She shot to prominence in South Korea and all over Asia by her role in the television series Autumn in My Heart. Thereafter, she starred in a number of popular television serials such as All In, Full House, Descendants of the Sun, Glory and others. Song Hye-ko made her film debut with the 2005 movie My Girl and I. Her other movies include Hwang Jin Yi, Grandmaster and The Queens.

3. Han Hye-jin

Han Hye-jin

Han Hye-jin rose to prominence for playing the role of a young widow in the popular television series Be Strong, Geumson. Her other notable television serials include the historical epic Jumong and Jejungwon in which she played the role of Korea’s first female doctor of Western Medicine. Han Hye-jin has also appeared in multiple movies such as 26, Rise of the Guardians, Man in Love and Late Spring.

4. Chae Soo-bin

Chae Soo-bin

Chae Soo-bin debuted with the 2014 movie My Dictator and subsequently appeared in the weekend series House of Bluebird. However, she gained popularity for her performance in the 2016 television series Love in the Moonlight, which earned her a nomination at the 30th KBS Drama Awards and an Excellence Award. Thereafter, she played the lead roles in multiple popular television serials such as The Rebel, Strongest Deliveryman, Where Stars Land, Rookie Cops and The Fabulous.

5. Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun made her film debut with the 1999 movie White Valentine. However, her breakthrough role came in the comedy movie Sassy Girl which became the highest grossing Korean comedy of all times and created waves across Asia. Jun’s popularity soared and she also won the Best Actress Award at the 2002 Grand Bell Awards. Other popular films of Jun Ji-hyun include Mare, Windstruck, The Thieves, The Berlin File and Assassination.

6. Sung Yu-ri

Sung Yu-ri

Sung Yu-ri started her career in the entertainment industry as a singer in a K-pop girl group in 1998. She turned to acting in the year 2002 and was first cast in the lead role in the 2003 television series Thousand Years of Love. Her second television series was the 2004 romantic comedy First Love of a Royal Prince. Other notable television serials starring Yu-ri include The Snow Queen, Hong Gil-dong and Feast of the Gods.

7. Go Youn-jung

Go Youn-jung

Go Youn-jung started her career as a model by appearing in the commercials of various brands. She made her acting debut in 2019 with the television series He Is Psychometric. Thereafter, she starred in the popular Netflix series Sweet Home in 2020, which earned her a lot of recognition. Her portrayal of a troubled law student in the 2021 television series Law School added to her popularity. Go Youn-jung made her film debut with the action thriller Hunt in 2022. The film premiered at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

8. Park Shyn-hye

Park Shyn-hye

Park Shyn-hye debuted as a child actor in the popular Korean drama Stairway to Heaven in 2003. She got her first lead role in the 2006 television series Tree of Heaven which shot her to prominence. Shyn-hye made her film debut with the horror movie Evil Twin, released in 2007. She appeared in the 2013 comedy drama film Miracle in Cell No. 7, which became one of the highest grossers in Korea and won her the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.

9. Kim Tae-hee

Kim Tae-hee

Kim Tae-hee is billed as one of most beautiful women in South Korea. She made her acting debut with the 2001 movie Last Present. However, she earned fame for her role in the television series Stairway To Heaven. Her leading roles in the television serials Forbidden Love and Love Story In Harvard cemented her popularity among the audience.

10. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy is a singer, model and actress who started as a singer in the girl group Miss A in the year 2010. She made her acting debut with the KBS teen drama Dream High, which earned her the Best Actress Award at the KBS Drama Awards. Suzy ventured into films with the 2012 movie Architecture 101, for which she won the Best New Actress award at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards.


These actresses represent the epitome of beauty and talent in South Korea’s entertainment industry. Their contributions to film and television have not only enriched Korean culture but have also garnered global recognition, solidifying their places as icons of beauty and artistry.

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