Top 10 Most Beautiful Gujarati Actresses

When it comes to the beauty of the actresses in India, it is not just limited to Bollywood. Have you ever looked into Gujarati Cinema? Well, you should because that’s where you’ll find a mix of beauty with incredible acting skills heroines. And today, we are here to introduce you to the top 10 most beautiful Gujarati actresses as of 2024. Alright, here we go now.

1. Shraddha Dangar

Shraddha Dangar

Shraddha Dangar is the new flavor of Gujarati cinema, she caught the nation by storm in ‘Hellaro’, a performance that shone in a national competition and where the eyes of the nation were on Gujarati cinema like never before. As Manjhri in the film, Shraddha showed her knack for portraying deep emotions, winning hearts across the country.

2. Monal Gajjar

Monal Gajjar

Known to light up the screen in Telugu and Gujarati films, Monal Gajjar got into this big time with the 2012 hit “Sudigadu.” Her looks and talent immediately attracted regional cinema, where she became a known name. With “Kaagaz” and several other films on her platter, Monal has been charming her way into millions of hearts in the country, and her career seems to have hit lift-off with deceleration nowhere in sight.

3. Kinjal Rajpriya

Kinjal Rajpriya

Kinjal Rajpriya comes as the fresh wind with her top-of-the-line performance in the “Chhello Divas.” This Gujarati heroine has literally upped the viewer’s imagination with her versatility in Gujarati cinema. Right from a sci-fi thriller “Short Circuit” to romantic drama “Kem Chho,” Kinjal has time and again proved herself as one of the performers in a variety of roles. With the Kathak dance at the back of her performance, it has made her one of the most captivating actresses.

4. Jinal Belani

Jinal Belani

A native of Mumbai, Jinal Belani has impeccably moved toward Gujarati cinema, and she surely managed to take the hearts of the audiences through her performances. After her stellar performances in noted roles of “Polam Pol” and “Tari Sathe,” and incessantly in the web series “Bas Cha Sudhi,” she had really become very visible in this space amidst her fans, mainly because of her breathtaking beauty.

5. Janki Bodiwala

Janki Bodiwala

Janki Bodiwala has made a place for herself in the world of acting through Chhello Divas, the biggest Gujarati movie. An actor known for natural acting and gripping presence, Janki has managed to carry it through with movies like Bau Na Vichar and Naadi Dosh. With thorough dedication and the power to connect with her audience, she just gets into the skin of the character, which puts her on a list of A-listers firmly holding base in Gujarati cinema. She made her Hindi film debut in 2024 with “Shaitaan” alongside Ajay Devgn, R. Madhavan, Jyothika and Anngad Raaj.

6. Apoorva Arora

Apoorva Arora

Apoorva Arora is the talk of the town not just in Gujarati cinema but all across India. She made her debut in the Kannada movie “Siddhartha” and there was no looking back. She has been one of the very few to have worked in several films, web series, and music videos. With good acting caliber and flexibility, she is one of the best stars in the entertainment world from the Gurjati cinema right now. And without a doubt, she is the most beautiful Gujarati actress in the country.

7. Aarohi Patel

Aarohi Patel

Best known for her heartwarming acts in “Chaal Jeevi Laiye” and “Love Ni Bhavai,” Aarohi Patel is a name that calls for a recall. She debuted with “Moti Na Chowk Re Sapna Ma Ditha,” and sooner after that, Aarohi made her presence felt for her resonating roles. Aarohi, in every role, has continued to win every character with the audience and critics, and that is only because of her great acting skills as well as her charming personality, of course.

8. Neha Suthar

Neha Suthar

Known for very emotive roles in music videos, Neha has gone on to become a very popular actress in the region. Neha had an easy time moving from music videos to movies due to her expressiveness and absolute charm in acting. Neha’s gift in delivering a lot of emotions keeps her performances fresh and engaging, and that’s why she’s a real watch in Gujarati cinema.

9. Esha Kansara

Esha Kansara

Beginning in television with “Mukti Bandhan,” actress Esha Kansara soon found herself shifting into films with her debut in “Duniyadari.” A huge believer in the training of classical dance, her work spanned TV to films and has been appreciated and loved time and again for her dedication and charisma.

10. Samvedna Suwalka

Samvedna Suwalka

Samvedna Suwalka is a power-packed talent that Gujarati and Hindi cinemas have. She was seen and proved herself in interesting cinema in “Bey Yaar” and “Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd.” She flexes her adaptability and good judgment to do various acting genres with conviction, which speaks volumes of how deeply she is committed to acting and makes her an acclaimed personality in the industry.


All in all, some of these actresses have been in the industry for quite a while now, but some are the ones that have recently made their names heard. But one thing is for sure, they all have the beauty we all admire as well as the acting skills that we love to appreciate whenever they are on screen.

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