10 Most Beautiful Marathi TV Serial Actresses

Marathi Serial is one of the oldest and most reputable television industries in the world. They are known for their deep, meaningful and unique storytelling style. Unlike the TV serials, the Marathi heroines play a massive role. They bring the fictional characters to life, making the story even more exciting. We have compiled the ten most beautiful Marathi actresses from television serials in 2024.

1. Sayali Sanjeev

Sayali Sanjeev 1

Sayali Sanjeev was born on 31 January 1993. She debuted in ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’ of Zee Marathi, her first Marathi serial. Later, in 2021, Sayali worked on her Marathi television series Shubh Mangal Online. Apart from Marathi serials, she has debuted in many Marathi chitrapat (films) like Jhimma (2021), Goshta Eka Paithanichi, AB Aani CD (2020) and Basta.

2. Isha Keskar

Isha Keskar

Isha Keskar is famous for her lead roles in Marathi TV serials like Jai Malhar and Majhya Navryachi Bayko on Zee Marathi. She is based out of Pune and completed her graduation from Symbiosis College in Pune. Isha started her career with the Marathi film We Are On! Houn Jau Dya and later performed lead roles like Bhanu in Jai Malhar.

3. Akshaya Deodhar

Akshaya Deodhar 1

Akshaya Deodhar played the role of a lovely teacher in Tuzhyat Jeev Rangla in 2016. After pursuing her graduation, she started her career through theatrical drama play ‘Item’ with actor Amey Wagh. Akshaya won the Zee Marathi Utsav Natyancha Awards in 2018 for her incredible acting in Marathi daily soaps. Way before performing on television, she was into modelling and won the Maharashtra Times Mata Shravan Queen Award

4. Bhagyashree Mote

Bhagyashree Mote

Bhagyashree is an art lover. She entered the Marathi television industry with her debut in a Devyani serial. Her chemistry with actor Lalit Prabhakar on the sets of ‘Prem He’ has been said to win the hearts of her audiences. She is an economics graduate. Bhagyashree is famous for her sensational and killer looks.

5. Nakshaktra Medhekar

Nakshaktra Medhekar

The popular Marathi serial ‘Mazhiya Mahera’ made Nakshatra famous in the Marathi Industry. She lives in Thane, Maharashtra and is a pet lover. Nakshatra has also debuted in other serials like Lek Majhi Laadki. Her beauty and looks are stunning and glorious, winning her considerable fanbases.

6. Gautami Deshpande

Gautami Deshpande

Gautami Deshpande, well known as Sai in Majha Hoshil Na on Zee Marathi, is a top Marathi Television actress. She is born on 31 January 1993. After graduating from VIIT Pune, she began her journey to becoming an actor in college itself. Gautami bagged her first role in 2018 in Marathi Daily soap Sare Tujhyachsathi. She won the Best Actor award for the same role in 2019 at the MA TA Sanmaan. Later, in 2021, she again proved her worth by winning the Zee Marathi Utsav Natyancha Award as best actress for Majha Hoshil Na.

7. Bhagyashree Limaye

Bhagyashree Limaye

Bhagyashree Limaye is famous for her girl-next-door look. Bhagyashree is featured in Marathi serials like Boss Majhi Ladachi and Ghadge & Sunn. Apart from her onscreen behaviour, she has a bubbly and jolly nature.

8. Abhidnya Bhave

Abhidnya Bhave

Abhidnya Bhave first appeared in 2013 in the serial Lagori – Maitri Returns. Apart from her role in Lagori, she has also played other onscreen roles, such as Khulta Kali Khulena and Monika in 2016. Abhidnya was also seen in Tu Tevha Tashi as Pushpavalli and Tula Pahate Re as Mayra.

9. Gayatri Datar

Gayatri Datar

Gayatri Datar performed as the leading character in the Marathi serial Tula Pahate Rein 2018. She is a talented young actress known for her million-dollar smile and beautiful bright eyes.

10. Rupal Nand

Rupal Nand

Rupal started gaining popularity after her Marathi daily soap “Goth”. After completing her schooling, she joined a theatre group. Rupal even participated in the Purushotam Trophy competitions. Later, in 2018, she also got a role in Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 as Rashmi Deshpande. In the same year, she performed in the TV serial Phulpakharu in a negative role.


Marathi Television Industry is filled with talented actress who has captivated their audience for centuries. This list highlights some fantastic actresses and their dedication to their work. Marathi serials offer a variety of stories and heroines, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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